Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Period Drama Heroine Tournament!

We've seen their stories... We've seen their struggles... We've come to respect their characters and cheer for them at their happy endings (or cry at their sad endings)... But what happens if they were in a tournament against each other?

This is "The Period Drama Heroine Tournament"! Where our favorite heroines and other female main characters from various period dramas compete for the coveted gold metal and title of "Favorite Heroine".

How it Works: Readers of Elegance of Fashion will vote in polls: the choices are two or three heroines from different period dramas. The polls will last one week, and once they're over, the winners will go onto the next round. The first round starts out with 30 heroines with 15 polls to vote in. Second round - 15 heroines and 5 polls. Third - 1 poll in which the top four heroines moving on. Fourth - 2 polls and 4 heroines. Lastly, the final round will decide who wins "The Period Drama Heroine Tournament"!


Miss Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice!

Here were the tournament buttons.


  1. What a wonderful idea! I love this and am really looking forward to Round one!
    I like the new blog button you added for O-FC, thanks for linking to me!

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  2. :( It's terribly hard to decide between all those buttons. ;) This is a great idea! I can hardly wait for it to start! I will post about it on Austenitis and Photographer at Heart, and include the button. I love voting in polls! Yay! Fun!

  3. Goodness, it will be SO hard to decide, there are so many wonderful characters! But it will be so much fun! Thank you for hosting it. :)

  4. Love this! :) I can't wait to see how it ends! This will be so much fun!


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