Friday, March 25, 2011

Tournament: Round 4

The polls for Round 4 have been put up! There are only two polls this round!

Poll 1
Margaret Hale (North and South)
Elizabeth Bennet (Pride and Prejudice)

Poll 2
Elinor Dashwood (Sense and Sensibility)
Jane Eyre (Jane Eyre)

Comments? Like before, this is a regular blog post that you can comment on. Any tough polls? Rooting for anyone? Leave a comment.

And since a lot of the characters in the current buttons for the tournament have been eliminated, I made two more buttons!


  1. NOOOOO!!! This is too hard!! I voted for Elizabeth ... although I like Margaret a lot...but between Elinor and Jane Eyre?! And it's even harder for me to make that descision considering I haven't even finished a Jane Eyre MOVIE (I'm in the middle my first one right now...)

    Speaking of which, which movie is the Jane Eyre from that has been in the polls?

  2. If only they were the other way around....

  3. Melody,
    Really, in the polls, it could be any Jane Eyre. On the poll picture, it's the 1983 Jane Eyre, and on the new buttons it's the newest one.

  4. Oh This one is the hardest to choose! :) I have loved this very much! Thank you for doing it! :)

  5. Elizabeth,
    You're welcome! Since this tournament was a success, I might do another tournament after this one.

  6. Round 4 polls are difficult too! All those ladies are such great heroines I had a hard time choosing who to vote for.

    Will you, by any chance, make a tournament for the heroes next?

  7. Jemimah C.
    The Hero Tournament was what I was thinking about next. I was going to post a poll and a regular blog post to see what people would think about that.

  8. I can't believe this tournament is drawing to a close! It's been so much fun and I can't wait to see which two make it to next round!
    I'm rooting for Elinor & Margaret, but I think Lizzy might win just because P&P is so popular. I've already added one of your new buttons to my blog, thanks so much for making them! :)

    ~Miss Laurie
    Old-Fashioned Charm

  9. I know, who we're voting for is the character in general. ;-) I was just wondering about that specific picture. The one I'm watching is the 1983 one, and I thought I recognized her. ;-)

  10. Melody,
    I wanted to put the 1983 Jane Eyre in the buttons so I wouldn't confuse anyone with multiple Jane Eyres, but I had a hard time finding good pictures from that one, so that was why I went with the new one.

    I've only seen bits and pieces of the 1983 version. I've only seen the 1996 and 1940's version all the way through. Is the 1983 version good?

  11. I've seen the B&W, 1983, and 2006 Jane Eyre's...1983 is my fave by far. The 2006 version had a lot of good things in it, but the '83 version (IMO) is much truer to the book and much more romantic.

    I like Elinor a lot too, but I don't know why Jane Eyre is getting so few votes. :(

  12. Miss Laurie,
    Well, if you look at it the other way, P&P might be so popular because of Elizabeth. Her character is very popular too. :)

    Elegance of Fashion,
    I liked it! I haven't yet seen any others to compare it to, but I'm planning to watch the 1997 one soon. Yesterday I was at the library and I poked around in the book. Everything I recognized was exactly the same as in the movie. :)

    Elizabeth and Margaret are a bit similar in character, and so are Elinor and Jane. It makes it so hard!!

  13. Elegance of Fashion,

    I watched the 1997 Jane Eyre last night, and it was very good. The 1983 one was much longer, so it's hard to compare the accuracy to the book...epsecially considering I haven't read the whole book, but what I HAVE read, direct quotes were used more in the 1983 one. I liked the 1997 (it was BBC/A&E) one all in all. It had better acting...and was better made in general. Jane Eyre was a Harriet Smith, and Mr. Rochester was a Captain Wentworth (actually, both the Captain Wentworth actors were in that movie!)



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