Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lydia Bennet's Traveling Spencer

This spencer only appears once in Pride and Prejudice; it appears in the scene when Lydia is leaving Longbourn to travel with the Forsters to Brighton.

Full Front View: This spencer is a little bit different from most spencers. It extends much farther than most spencers.

Front View: The color seems to be a mix of red and milk chocolate brown with tan/goldish dots. The collar is folded. The front is secured by two frogs.

Back View: You might be able to see a slight shadow where the back seam is. From that shadow, it is shown that the back of this spencer is like most Regency spencers. It seems like this spencer was made like most spencers, then the triangle parts were sewn on.


  1. This is my favorite of all her looks!

    ==Elizabeth Nan

  2. The spencer looks quite like the jackets that jokers on playing cards wear - is this suggesting that Lydia is the "joker in the pack" and is going to change the situation in a way we do not expect? Of course she is, as we well know!


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