Sunday, February 13, 2011


I know this isn't really historical costume/period drama/sewing based, but I'm just so tired of winter! There's been so much snow; don't get me wrong, I like snow when it's freshly fallen. But once everyone steps in it and drives in it, the snow just looks bad and you begin to miss spring really quickly. My family and I took a trip to the conservatory in order to get a break from all this snow. Here are some pictures to try to break cabin fever.

I took quite a few pictures of some Japanese Camellias (the first one is the tenth one down in the left row). They were such cute flowers.

And, of course, I had to take pictures of some hyacinth...

"And though the love of a hyacinth may be rather domestic, who can tell, the sentiment once raised, but you may in time come to love a rose?" - Northanger Abbey

Update: Check out Peering out my Window for more conservatory pictures!

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