Thursday, February 10, 2011

Elizabeth Bennet's Traveling Pelisse

Elizabeth seems to wear this pelisse when she is traveling somewhere (Hunsford, Lambton, from Netherfield Park, etc.)

Front View: The color appears to be a dark teal-ish color. Elizabeth wears either this bonnet or the bonnet that she wore to Pemberly. The scarf that appears in this picture is often worn with this pelisse.

Close up of Front: The collar looks like a lot of modern collars. You also get a closer look at the pattern on the scarf.

Front View: You can clearly see the four buttons that were hidden by the bonnet ribbon.

Side View: The sleeve isn't too puffy at the top: if you are making this pelisse, be careful with gathering the sleeve.

Note: The white part by the neckline is separate from the pelisse. Notice the red dress that is shown by the skirt and the white scarf around the neckline.

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  1. Yes, the white around the neckline is a separate garment. It's just a little scarf; you see her take it off in one of the scenes.
    I love these colors together, and on Elizabeth they just sing!


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