Sunday, February 27, 2011

Elizabeth Bennet's Dark Brown Bonnet

This bonnet is seen throughout Pride and Prejudice and is paired with different spencers and one pelisse.

Front View: The fabric on the brim is very tightly gathered. You can also see that there is a line where the fabric was gathered towards the end of the brim.

Side View: There are more lines where the fabric was gathered along the side (By looking at this picture, there are three on the outside of the brim. The crown seems to be gathered more tightly at the top than at the bottom.
Back View: Under the crown on the brim there is a bow where the bonnet ribbons are attached to the bonnet.
Back/Side View: You can see a little more details with the bow here.
This bonnet is worn with various outerwear. Above, there were pictures with the travelling pelisse and one with the brown spencer.
Here's the front view with the brown spencer.

In one scene, we see Elizabeth wearing this bonnet with the black spencer.


  1. Yes, now that I see it in this context, it is a very familiar bonnet. :) How do you get your pictures? I mean, do you go through the movie and take a bunch of screen shots?

  2. Yes, I go through the movie and take a lot of screen shots. It can be a little time consuming, but you do get some great shots.

  3. Wow, that's gotta take a long time! you fast forward until you see the right outfit/accessory? Or do you know the movie so well you find it all without a problem? It is really cool, and you have gotten some GREAT pictures! :)

  4. Sometimes I watch the movie and take screen shots as I go, other times I can just find scenes.

  5. I want to teach a class to make this bonnet, if I get to I'll send you some photos, -Genevieve Joyner (


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