Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Elizabeth Bennet's Brown Spencer

Possibly most remembered as the spencer that she wears to Pemberly, this spencer of Elizabeth is paired with either a dark brown bonnet or a light brown bonnet.

Front View: Here you can see that not only are there three buttons in the front, but also a drawstring tied in a bow.

Front View: I also included this picture since it is clearer than the first picture, but you can't see all the details due to the bonnet ribbons.

Side View: You can see that there is a dart in the middle of one side of the front piece. You can also see that there is a seam where the collar meets the spencer.

Back View: The back of the spencer comes up enough to see the back of the empire waist. The collar is a completely separate piece. The standard Regency spencer back is featured here.


  1. I am always amazed by the perfect shaping in regency and other vintage style clothing. Not to mention that they didn't even have patterns (not patterns like we do). Thanks for putting this together!

  2. I have always loved the way that they dressed... great post! :)


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