Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assorted Lace Caps

Lace caps were worn by married women or old maids. They came in a variety of styles. Pride and Prejudice features a lot of different lace cap styles. There appear to be three kinds of lace caps in Pride and Prejudice: the lace caps that you see commonly, the mobcap, and the draped cap.

Lace Caps

Mrs. Bennet's Lace Cap: Who could forget Mrs. Bennet's lace cap? It just suits her so well! It seems to be made out of some kind of sheer material. Something that appears to be a little pink flower sits right in the middle of the edge of the cap.

Charlotte's Lace Cap: Charlotte would wear a lace cap before she was married only when going outside in her bonnet (more on that later). But, since she married Mr. Collins, she always wears the lace cap except for some evenings at Rosings. It's a fairly plain lace cap: no ribbons or flowers. There is a little bit of lace with a design, but overall, it's a very plain cap.

Mrs. Philips's Lace Cap: Mrs. Philip's lace cap is decorated very similarly to Mrs. Bennet's. There is a little pink ribbon in the center of the edge. There does seem to be more veiling on her cap then Mrs. Bennet's.


Mrs. Hurst's Mobcap: Mobcaps were kind of like the lace caps above, but lace caps were a little lighter. They weren't as popular in the Regency era as they had been earlier. Mrs. Hurst has her mobcap trimmed with pink ribbons and ruffles.

Draped Cap

Lady Catherine's Draped Cap: Lady Catherine has the draped cap, which I read at this link was kind of like a skirt placed on top of the head. There was a band of fabric that supported the draped fabric that ran down the sides and back. Lady Catherine's draped cap does have fancy veiling, but it's not as decorated as you would think, since she is rich and we would assume that she would want fancy decorations.

Caps under Bonnets: Of course, some women wore lace caps under their bonnets. You can see here that Mrs. Gardiner and Charlotte both wear lace caps under their bonnets. This picture of Charlotte was from when before she was married; perhaps because she was twenty seven, she thought that she wasn't going to get married?

I used this source to find out information about lace caps: here. If you want to read further, you can try there.


  1. Interesting post. I wonder if charlotte like me had issues with the straw hat messing up her hair. Its the reason I'm making a cap.

  2. I am trying to date a painting of a middle aged lady wearing what appears to be some sort of mob cap. However, this cap has a veil of lace protruding from the top, together with a large bow on one side. Both sides of the head show white roses stuck into the short hair. At what period in the early nineteenth century was it usual for a lady to wear flowers in her hair?


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