Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jane Bennet's Pink Summer Gown

This dress is seen on Jane when the weather is warm outside.

Full Front View: The bodice is V-necked and has a darker pink trim around the neck line and waist line. The trim along the neck line criss-crosses. The bottom of the dress is a darker pink then the rest of the dress.

Front View: You can see more detail in the trim on the bodice. There is also a decorate (but smaller than the neckline trim) trim along the bottom of the sleeve. There is also a puff to the sleeve.

Back View: Sorry the picture isn't the best. The pink trim along the waistline continues in the back of the dress.


  1. You can see the back of this costume better in The Regency House Party. (Worn by Countess Griaznov.) You can see screenshots from RHP in the comments section of this website.


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