Thursday, November 7, 2013

Charlotte Lucas's Evening Gown

Charlotte wears this dress during evening dinners or parties. I didn't get a full picture of the dress, but the pictures I did get would be enough to get a good idea what the dress is like.

Close-up Front View: There is a little split in the sleeves, like it had been pleated so that there is that split. You can also see there is a ribbon in the middle of the neckline. The print of the fabric is striped with dark blue (or navy) and light blue with gold dots that appear to run across the dress like there was ribbon there. The neck line also appears to have a little bit of lace and a darker under dress (there are two parts of this dress which is discussed below).

Partial Full View: A bit cut off, but still provides a lot of detail. The dress is made up of two parts: an overlay and an underdress. The overlay has the navy, light blue, and gold fabric, while the dress has a dark blue (though I'm not sure I would call it navy) with darker blue dots. You can also see the direction the fabric pattern is going for the overlay in this picture.

Side View: Around the slit in the sleeve, there is a gold pattern running down the sleeve. I would say it was a fabric ribbon decoration, since you can still see the pattern through the ribbon. There is also a gold tassel hanging down from the middle of the sleeve. It's hard to see in this picture, but it looks like there is a similar opening on the back of the skirt as there is on the front.

There doesn't appear to be a front or back opening to the overlay, but I would assume that the openings would be on the underdress and that this dress just fits on top of the underdress.

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  1. There's also a really nice dress that Mrs. Collins wears to Rosings, its one of my favourites and only seen then. I've taken screenshots if you happen to be interested :)


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