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Period Drama Challenge -- February Tag

Old-Fashioned Charm

The Period Drama Challenge continues at Old-Fashioned Charm! So far, I have submitted three reviews (though two of the reviews count as one for The Pallisers). And as the Period Drama Challenge continues, Miss Laurie has put up another tag for February.

1. What period dramas have you watched in February? 
Well, my mom an I finished up The Pallisers! I recommend it! Susan Hampshire (also seen in The Barchester Chronicles) is very, very good in there! I'm slowly writing up the reviews, but they're coming. I'm trying to post a review for each part of the Pallisers every other week. But hey! Why wait until I post the rest of the reviews to read my posted reviews? Check out Part 1 and Part 2 of my reviews if you're interested!

We also finished watching Downton Abbey: Series 3. Definitely not as good as the previous series. I'm still in mourning over the last episode... So depressing! I'll still watch Downton Abbey even after the finale of Series 3, but I'd be surprised if it lasts past the fourth series (which they're started filming). It was such a great show, and I'm afraid it may be coming to an end.

Now for the period dramas that you'll see an upcoming review of!

Yes, after so long, I finally watched all of the 1983 version of Jane Eyre (before, I had only seen clips). This would be the third version I've seen of Jane Eyre. It's not my favorite story (I really dislike Mr. Rochester and I'm still not sure why Jane wanted to marry him), but I don't dislike the story either. This version to me appears to be the most accurate to the story (compared to the 1996 version and the 1940 version).

I also watched The Importance of Being Earnest. (Yes! A Colin Firth movie!) I had wanted to see it for a little while, and I caught it on TV one day and watched it. I hadn't read the play or seen any other movie version before (though in an acting class I took in high school, two girls acted out a scene from there that was amusing), but I gave this film a try (this may be the next review you see here at Elegance of Fashion).

2. How many Charles Dickens adaptations have you seen? 
Why, yes: I did just throw in a picture of Jonathan Harris as
Charles Dickens in Bonanza.
Let's see... (I feel like I should be watching more)

Bleak House (2005)
A Christmas Carol (1999)
A Christmas Carol (2009)
Great Expectations (1999)
Great Expectations (2011)
Little Dorrit (1988)
Little Dorrit (2008)
A Muppet's Christmas Carol (not sure if this counts, though. Seen it years ago)

So that would be eight counting A Muppet's Christmas Carol). I did start to watch Nicolas Nickleby once, but then Netflix took it off. :-(

3. Do you prefer heroes that are spotless wealthy gentlemen or gritty hardworking men? 
I feel like poor Mr. Knightley doesn't get enough face time here,
so here he is!
Hmmm... I'd go with spotless, wealthy gentlemen. *Cough*Mr. Darcy*Cough*Mr. Knightley*Cough* But I don't mind if the hero has a job of some sort (like Matthew Crawley in Downton Abbey).

4. Do you tend to prefer heroines that are sweet and gentle or adventurous and spunky? 
Lizzy and Mr. Darcy
I do like both and I can think of examples of both types that are favorites of mine... But if I had to pick one? Probably adventurous and spunky since they tend to be more interesting and have some really witty lines.

5. Do you enjoy listening to period drama soundtracks? Do you own any?
YES! Of course! One of the things I like about Movies, Miniseries, TV Shows, and Video Games is the soundtrack (provided that it's a good soundtrack). I own a couple in CDs (I'm old fashioned that way; I still like to own the CDs and then rip the songs to put on my Zune).

Well, my mom owns the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack that I ripped to put on my Zune (of course). I love the light-hearted, bouncy songs in there.

I own the Downton Abbey soundtrack (I guess they released a newer one that has songs from all three series, but I have the older soundtrack that has only songs from Series 1 and 2). There's a wide range of songs on this soundtrack: some are more serious while others are bouncy and fun. Will I buy the newer CD? Not sure: there were some new songs in there, but quite a few repeats.

I also own The King's Speech Soundtrack (got it for Christmas in 2011). Most of the songs are serious, but there are a couple that are lighter. Beethoven and Mozart pieces are also on there (okay, one song a piece).

So, there you have the February tag!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Yes, you SHOULD be watching more Dickens! :D Our Mutual Friend, for starters. That's probably my favorite after Little Dorrit and Bleak House. Also David Copperfield (I'd recommend the 1999 one--David is annoying but it had Maggie Smith and a lot of other fun people in great roles!) Nicholas Nickleby if you can find it again (do you use libraries? ;) ) and... well, Martin Chuzzlewit had a pretty interesting story; the quality is kind of in-between the older BBC ones and, say, P&P, even though it was only made a year earlier.

    1. I have Our Mutual Friend on my watch later list on YouTube (just have to find the time to watch it). I've heard good things about it, so I should watch it. I think Keeley Hawes is in there, right?

      Ooh! I've wanted to watch that David Copperfield mainly because of Maggie Smith! I'll keep a look out for it.

      Oh! I just looked at Netflix and Nicholas Nickleby (the one with Anne Hathaway) is back on there! Hopefully, I'll watch it soon (before they take it off again!).

      I don't use libraries (never really been a library person except to find someplace quiet to study). I find a lot of period dramas on either Netflix or Amazon Prime, so that's usually where I look when we don't own the DVD. But I should keep libraries in mind too. Thanks! :-)

  2. I'm a CD person too -- I will occasionally buy an mp3 from Amazon if it's the only song on a CD that I want, but I would rather have the actual CD.

    Can't wait for your post about this version of Jane Eyre!


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