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Villains Tournament -- Round 1

Period Drama Villains Tournament
I now announce that the Villains Tournament has begun! Polls are already set up on the left side bar ready for voting! Remember, you are voting for the worst villain. Here are the polls:

Poll 1
Augustus Melmotte (The Way We Live Now)
John Thorpe (Northanger Abbey)

Poll 2
Henry Crawford (Mansfield Park)
George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice)

Poll 3
Mr. Brocklehurst (Jane Eyre)
John Jasper (The Mystery of Edwin Drood)

Poll 4
Hyacinth Gibson (Wives and Daughters)
John Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility)

Poll 5
Mrs. Gowan (Little Dorrit)
Phillip Elton (Emma)

Poll 6
Sir Richard Carlisle (Downton Abbey)
Rigaud (Little Dorrit)

Poll 7
Tip Dorrit (Little Dorrit)
Mr. Tulkinghorn (Bleak House)

Poll 8
Chauvelin (The Scarlet Pimpernel)
Mrs. Norris (Mansfield Park)

Poll 9
William Elliot (Persuasion)
Bertha Mason (Jane Eyre)

Poll 10
Frank Churchill (Emma)
General Tilney (Northanger Abbey)

Poll 11
Colonel Osbourne (He Knew He Was Right)
Mrs. Reed (Jane Eyre)

Poll 12
Lucy Steele (Sense and Sensibility)
Mrs. Augusta Elton (Emma)

Poll 13
Sarah O'Brien (Downton Abbey)
Mr. Drummle (Great Expectations)

Poll 14
Mrs. Winifred Hurtle (The Way We Live Now)
Caroline Bingley and Louisa Hurst (Pride and Prejudice)

Poll 15
Henleigh Grandcourt (Daniel Deronda)
Captain Frederick Tilney (Northanger Abbey)

Poll 16
Banastre Tarleton (Amazing Grace)
Lady Catherine de Bourgh (Pride and Prejudice)

Poll 17
Thomas Barrow (Downton Abbey)
Mr. Preston (Wives and Daughters)

Poll 18
Miss Havisham (Great Expectations)
Isabella Thorpe (Northanger Abbey)

Poll 19
Sir Felix Carbury (The Way We Live Now)
Mrs. Merdle (Little Dorrit)

Poll 20
Harold Skimpole (Bleak House)
Obadiah Slope (The Barchester Chronicles)

Go and vote for the worst villains! 

Who did you vote for? Who do you think will win? Were there any particularly easy polls? Difficult polls? Leave a comment!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. YAYAYAY! I totally forgot this was starting today and saw it when I signed into blogger. :D As I am wont to do, I shall talk as I vote. :)
    1 - I only know of John Thorpe, but he drives me insane so I'll vote for him.
    2 - Oooooh. This is hard. Well... I'm going with Henry Crawford, because for some reason I dislike him more. Wickham is bad, but Crawford... ugh. (I mean, come on, HE ran off with a MARRIED woman. O_O) Plus, he tends to not have enough haters, so MP needs me. :P
    3 - Well, I remember that guy in Edwin Drood was really creepy even though I don't remember it very well, so I'll go for him.
    4 - Willoughby. Definitely.
    5 - Haha, I'll go for Mr. Elton.
    6 - I don't know who this Sir Richard person is, but I doubt he beats Blandois.
    7 - Hmm, this one is difficult. I think Mr. Tulkinghorn is the most villain-like, though. Tip is a complete jerk, and since he annoys me so much I'm tempted to go with him, but I'll do Mr. Talking-on. (Haha, that's what it sounds like they say sometimes.)
    8 - Ha, Mrs. Norris is hardly a villain. Definitely Chauvelin.
    9 - Well, Bertha isn't exactly a villain either I don't think... besides, Mr. Elliot needs this vote. Scoundrel.
    10 - Ooooooh. Well... because nobody else is going to, I'm going to be Horrid and go for Frank Churchill. :D I think the General IS more of a villain, but... I am more put out by Frank. :P
    11 - Mmm... I'll go for Col. Osbourne. He just seems to fit the villain role better.
    12 - Lucy Steele is definitely more of a villainess.
    13 - I don't know about these people... but I'll go for the guy. :P
    14 - I'll go for the Bingley sisters.
    15 - Yikes! These are both bad villains! But I'll have to choose Mr. Grandcourt. He's one of the worst villains ever. *shudders*
    16 - I don't remember much about the guy, so I'll go with Lady Catherine, even though I don't consider her to be a villain. :P
    17 - Mr. Preston
    18 - Hmm, they're both pretty bad in their own ways... but I'll go with Isabella. She was more generally devious and just plain selfish, and had no reason to be. And was kind of a jerk.
    19 - Haven't seen it, but I'm going with the Felix person. I do know a little about the story.
    20 - I'll go with Mr A. Child. Er, Skimpole.

    1. For 6, you would be correct. Sir Richard was just a blackmailer -- doesn't even come close to Rigaud/Blandois.

      Love what you said for 20!

    2. Oh, dear, Melody! I think Mr. Brocklehurst is SO much more horrid than John Jasper! JJ was bad, too, but he was a very mentally/emotionally disturbed person, whereas Mr. Brocklehurst was just pure evil.

    3. Ha, well... I don't know if I would consider Mr. Brocklehurst to be "pure evil" so much as some villains (I mean, he didn't exactly have 'evil' intents, he was messed up and selfish and very mean), and I think that John Jasper fills into the 'villain role' better than Mr. Brocklehurst does, somehow (although I guess there is no distinct villain in Jane Eyre).

    4. Well, it really bothers me when people twist Christianity and scriptures into something bad, so I chose him as more villainous. Sometimes Mr. Rochester himself seems a bit like the villain of the story. ha

  2. Yay! This is so much fun!

    Some of these polls were tricky! I didn't vote in Poll 10 because I don't consider Frank Churchill or General Tilney as villains and actually like both characters a great deal.

    Henry Crawford vs. George Wickham was quite tricky! Wickham is a cad but somehow I find Crawford's character to be more sinister, I've always sided with Fanny Price in my estimation of him.

    I think Rigaud, Mr. Tulkinghorn or Chauvelin have a good chance of winning this tournament but it will be fun to see what happens! :)

    1. I agree about Frank Churchill. I never considered him to be a villain. ;-)

  3. Oooo, yay!

    Let's see. I went with Wickham...he's certainly the perfect material for this tournament (other than Rigaud, who's absolutely PERFECT).

    Then Mr. Brocklehurst because I know who he is and he's despicable.

    Hyacinth or Willoughby? That's tough. Neither one is actually wicked, not quite...I mean, W is bad, but doesn't go so far as to really be wicked and I think he maybe really did love Marianne somewhat. I think he's worse than H though, who's primary sin is just being annoying and showing great favoritism and patronization.

    Mrs. Gowan or Elton is hard too, but I went with Elton...he's so dreadful, especially in the 2009 version.

    Rigaud hands down, of course.

    And Chavelin as well, by far. Ian McKellen was great in that role!

    William Elliot or Bertha Mason...neither one is REALLY a villain. I guess I'll go for William since he's at least a little worse, as far as villainy goes.

    Frank Churchill over Tilney...been so long since I read NA that I really can't remember those characters as well. And FC wasn't really a villain either, but...I don't know.

    LUCY STEELE OR MRS. ELTON? How in the world is a girl to choose between them? I find them both quite annoying. I'll go alphabetically...and since August and Elton both start with letters prior to Lucy or Steele, Mrs Elton it is! Interesting to see how many more votes Lucy has gotten...

    The Bingley sisters, of course. THEY are villainous.

    Lady Catherine. What a character she is!

    MR. PRESTON ALL THE WAY! He's always annoyed me SO SO much.

    All done! This tournament is another awesome one, Miss Elizabeth. :) Thanks so much for hosting!

  4. I don't regard Henry Crawford as a "villain" . . . not in the same light as George Wickham and John Willoughby. He is a very naughty guy, but he was no where in Wickham and Willoughby's league.

    I also don't regard Hyacinth Gibson as a villainess. I merely regarded her as an irritating, yet funny character. Her daughter Cynthia had inflicted more damage than she ever did. But because the readers were more inclined to follow Molly Gibson's point of view, they tend to label her as a villainous.

    MR. PRESTON ALL THE WAY! He's always annoyed me SO SO much.

    Mr. Preston may not have been that likable, but he was nothing more than a victim of Cynthia's, not a villain. Again, thanks to Molly Gibson's POV, many readers seemed to label him as such.

    I'm getting the feeling that Molly was a lousy judge of character.

    I actually like Thomas Barrow a lot more than characters like Mr. Carson and Lady Mary Crawley. I never liked the fact that the servants had to be loyal lapdogs of the Crawley family, in order to be likable.


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