Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Polls: Favorite Actor/Actress

200 Years of Pride and Prejudice at Elegance of Fashion

Yes, I'm putting up even more polls! It sometimes happens that after we watch multiple versions of the same story, there are certain things we like in one version than in other versions (hey, just look at this guest post about the 1995 and 2008 versions of Sense and Sensibility that Melody and I did). So, following a similar line, I'm putting up polls to see which actor/actress viewers prefer in the different versions of Pride and Prejudice. These polls can be found on the left sidebar. The Characters I have polls up for are:

Elizabeth Bennet
Mr. Darcy
Jane Bennet
Mr. Bingley
Mr. and Mrs. Bennet
Lady Catherine de Bourgh
George Wickham
Kitty/Lydia Bennet

Simply vote for which actor/actress you liked best for each of the characters (or as many as you wish). At the end of the event, I'll post the results!

Which actors/actresses do you prefer for each of these characters?

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I choose two "Other" options, so I thought I would explain myself. I really, really love the Jane in the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" Youtube series. She may be my favorite character in the those shows (which are quite entertaining and sweet, though there is some inappropriate language). I think she completely embodies the older sisterlyness, the sweetness, and the understanding, and her looks are perfect.

    My other "other" (hehe) is Johnny (yes, Johnny, not George) Wickham from Bride and Prejudice (again, really fun movie, but some inappropriate language/content). He is the first Wickham that I saw who seemed genuinely pleasant and nice at first, unlike Adrian Lukis who looks slightly sinister and certainly not the dashing or charming guy who could dupe Elizabeth, or Rupert Friend who just seems...lackluster? and has a ponytail. The Wickham in the "Lizzie Bennet Diaries" is also pretty good (reeeeally handsome) and allllmost seemed like a good guy.

  2. I had to put Other for Mr & Mrs Bennet, as I think my favorites are Alex Kingston and Hugh Bonneville in Lost in Austen. Heretical, yes, but River Song/Lord Grantham in Regency dress is a pairing not to be missed.


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