Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mansfield Park: The Play

Oh, if only this play were playing nearby and not in England!

I've been hearing about Mansfield Park being put on as a play in England, which opens in two days. Now, I have not finished Mansfield Park (for shame, I know, but school has been keeping me busy as of late with reading), but from what I understand of adaptations of Mansfield Park, they just don't get Fanny's character right. The one that came closest (from what I hear) was Sylvestra Le Touzel in the 1983 version. The two most recent Fannys (Frances O'Connor and Billie Piper) were, again from what I hear, too modern and just weren't Fanny.

Now, why am I writing this post? Well, just by looking at the poster of this play version of Mansfield Park, if the actress on the poster is indeed Fanny (which is a reasonable assumption since she is the main character), then they picked a very good person to be Fanny. She doesn't look too modern; she's young, she's modest, she looks sweet, and just screams Fanny Price. Now, of course, I can't comment on if she acts like Fanny, but just from looks,  I think they did a very good job on her appearance.

Too bad that it's not playing in America near my house. I would have loved to have gone and seen it!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Oh that production does look rather amazing! I was just looking up the cast and their Facebook page has lots of goodies from the rehearsals like photos and every a video of them practicing the dance steps. The costumes looks lovely too!
    *sigh* I too wish I could see this production. If only it were possible to take a party of blogging friends over to England to take in the play. :)

    I love the look of the young lady on the poster, she does look quite right for Fanny Price, pretty and sweet with that slightly sad look in her eyes like she's thinking about Edmund and Mary Crawford! I like the look of the actor playing Edmund too!

    Thanks for sharing this lovely piece of news! :)

  2. Oh, if only it was an international tour!! I didn't know about this. How nice, because MP certainly deserves more attention! And that Fanny looks a LOT better than what Certain Movies Within The Last Fifteen Years had her. ;) She's wearing her cross necklace, too! And the dress isn't low-cut! Yay! Hopefully there will be more pictures of this. Maybe some pirate will manage to get it on YouTube? Heehee.

    1. Melody,
      Will piracy be our only option then? ;-)

    2. Perhaps Margaret is right! ;) Heehee.


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