Sunday, September 9, 2012

Caption Contest (With Poll Coming Soon!)

I'd thought I would host a little caption contest this week! I've downloaded a new program that allows me to take decent screenshots at a fast rate, so I can take more screenshots that I could before.


  1. You may submit up to three different captions. Simply comment your caption(s) in this post. You can put them all in one comment or in separate comments if you're coming up with captions separately.
  2. Keep the captions clean. I also reserve the right to refuse any captions I deem inappropriate.
  3. I will be accepting captions until Saturday (9/15/12) at 11:55 PM CST. I will then post a poll for the best caption (but don't neglect the regular poll either!). The poll will last for one week. I will announce the winner when the poll is over.
  4. Have fun!

Here is the picture. It's a little blurry in spots (thanks, Mr. Elton!), but you get the idea.

And don't forget Mr. Knightley in the window (but it's not required to include him in the caption, but he might be useful in the caption(s)!)

I can't wait to see what you all come up with!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I am an absolute scourge of spiders! Woe betide any spider who ventures into my society!
    (from 1996 Emma)
    ~by Robyn Hoode

  2. Do the captions have to be quotes from another movie? If not...

    "All of Mr. Fife's deputies must learn his special salute, Miss Woodhouse. It's mandatory." (inspired by The Andy Griffith Show, but not a direct quote)

    If they do have to be direct quotes, I'd be happy to submit something else. :D

    1. Nope: they don't have to be from another movie if you don't want it to be. If you want it to be, then go ahead. Your choice! :-)

      That quote would work. I'll accept it!

    2. Mine isn't exact quote either.

      ~Robyn Hoode

    3. Robyn,
      That's perfectly okay. I didn't specify either way, so pretty much anything you want to submit (provided it meets the guidelines) is a-okay! :-)

  3. Emma: Farm boy, fetch me that pitcher.
    Elton: As you wish.

  4. Elton: As always, Miss Woodhouse, you preside over everything else in existence. I will guard this scroll with my life.

  5. Elton: The only power that I can see at present, madmoiselle, is the power of your beauty.
    Emma: Well, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, Mr Elton.
    Elton: This beholder is enchanted.

  6. Mr. Elton: "You see, Emma something is not quiet right up stairs with Harriet."

  7. "One must always use the little gray cells, you know, Miss Woodhouse!"

  8. Elton: Don't look now, but I've a feeling we're being WATCHED.

  9. Mr. Elton-- The discoverer of Treasure Planet would go down in history as one of the grestest explorers! He'd be able to experience... Whoa! What just happened?

    Robyn Hoode

  10. Mr. Knightly: He may sepak sentimentally but he will behave rationally. Why is he hitting himself with that?

  11. Here's a few I thought of.

    1st Caption
    Emma: A soldier? A brain surgeon? A king?
    Mr. Knightley: Oh Emma, you've never been good at Charades!

    2nd Caption
    Elton: And now Miss Woodhouse I will guess what shape you drew on this paper. Is it a triangle?
    Emma: Yes! How clever! You've guessed right three times in a row!
    Knightley: How does he do it? It's got to be some kind of trick he's no mind reader!

    3rd Caption
    Elton: I'm off to see the Wizard, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

    4th Caption
    Elton: Superglue, Miss Woodhouse? How droll.
    Emma & Knightley: Muwhahahahahaha!

    That was fun! :)

    1. Thanks, Miss Laurie! I can only accept three, though. Would you like to pick which three? Or would any of them do?

    2. Oh dear! I'm sorry! I read the rules earlier this week but forgot to read over them again before sending my comment off. Let's see, forget the 2nd Caption, I'm not liking it as well now. Sorry about that! Thanks! :)

  12. Caption 1:
    Mr. E: Your Majesty, I would gladly take a bullet for you.

    Emma: Oh how brave, most interns don't even want to fetch me my tea.

    (Princess Diaries 2)

    Caption 2:
    Emma: Aren't you so adorable?! I mean, is it just me or is he adorably cute?

    Knightley: For me, two words come to mind--delusional and weirdo. And also, goofy. Just goofy.

    (Night at the Museum 2)

  13. Mr. Elton: Oh Emma, I have this itch on my forehead, I can't stop scratching it!

    Emma: My, how exhilarating! Is it a result of your feverish love for Miss Smith?

  14. Thanks for entering, everyone! Submissions are now closed.


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