Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday: Movie Costume Highlight: The Patriot - Period Drama Fashion Week

Today's Movie Costume Highlight is The Patriot.

Please note: I have seen parts of The Patriot, but I haven't reviewed it yet. It is a fairly violent movie, so be careful if you watch it on DVD. You may do better content wise if you catch it on TV where a lot of the violent scenes would have been edited out, but still be warned -- even on TV, it earns a TV-14 Rating.

There are some lovely costumes in The Patriot. There are only a few female main characters (though there are some extras): since it is a war movie, most of the main characters are male. But for the few female main characters, there are some very nice costumes.

The British characters are (from what I saw) were all men and all of them wore the usual red coat uniform, while the American soldiers/allies wore blue/navy colors.
Mel Gibson (center) as Benjamin Martin in The Patriot. To the right is Gabriel Martin, played by Heath Ledger.

There was one hat that I have never seen before looking at historical Georgian fashions. And that would be this one:
I don't recall ever seeing a fur hat like this hat worn by Colonel Tavington. If anyone has any more information about this kind of hat during the Revolutionary War, please leave a comment so I can update everyone. I'll of course give you credit.

Next the ladies costumes.

There were only a few women characters, the main ones being Charlotte Selton, Benjamin Martin's sister-in-law, and Anne Howard, who becomes Gabriel Martin's wife later in the movie.

First, let's start with Charlotte. One of my favorite dresses in the movie is the purple dress (okay, I have a few favorite dresses, but this is one of them). It has some nice draping in the back of the dress

Charlotte Selton in her Purple Gown

Charlotte also had this nice pinkish dress towards the beginning of the movie.

Now that I've gone through a couple of Charlotte's costumes, now it's time to go onto Anne's. Anne also had lovely dresses throughout The Patriot. She had a nice wedding dress on when she married Gabriel Martin (sorry, the only picture I could find that was any good was a side picture). I love the way her hair was done with that little crown. The only thing I'm not fond of in this outfit is the VERY thick choker. But other than that, it was a great outfit.
Anne and Gabriel's Wedding
I also like this outfit (sorry it's in black and white). Here's another picture so you can see the colors:
I kind of like the ruffle that they used for this outfit. And the hat is very nice too!

Also, I love this cap Anne wears!

So that is my movie highlight for the day. Have you seen The Patriot? What were some of your favorite costumes?

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. The Patriot is a fantastic movie. Yes, it is very violent, but it is such an amazing story. Very moving. And I LOVE the costumes in it. :)

  2. I love this post! It reminds me of my wedding. We had an 18th Century, colonial wedding. I wore a dress called "Colonial Princess Gown" by a now defunct period costume business and my husband had his outfit done by various reenacting clothing businesses. He had everything down to the exact time period from his tricorn hat to his buckled shoes. We are Revolutionary War history buffs in our house :)

    It does seem a shame that American colonial fashions don't seem to get the attention that say, Victorian or medevil fashions seem to get.

    We have watched The Patriot a few times. It's nice to see a movie about this nation's beginnings but you are correct, there is a lot of violence and sadness in it (don't want to give anything away for those who haven't seen it). Like Colonial fashions, it's a shame there aren't more movies about our Country's colonial history.

    Another movie, that was made in the 1950s, that is a much more gentle movie about the American Revolution is Johnnie Tremain. It was made by Disney. We have it on DVD and watch it every 4th of July. Amazingly, Disney got so much of the history in the story correct.

  3. I haven't seen The Patriot. It wasn't on my list of things to watch because I had heard it was historically quite inaccurate. But these are some cool costumes!! I may reconsider watching it....

    1. I have seen the patriot. It is quite violent but I think it is historically accurate.

  4. i love the movie very violent and sad at the same time.Besides that i love all the action since action movies are my favorite.


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