Saturday, June 16, 2012

Helpful Blogger Award

Melody from Regency Delight ~Jane Austen, etc.~ has awarded me the Helpful Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Melody!

Rules of The Helpful Blogger Award
~Link back to the person who awarded you in your 'acceptance' post
~Tell three helpful things you have done either on or off the blogosphere
~Nominate three other bloggers and tell them that you've nominated them

Okay, here it goes! :-)

~I've posted a link to Melody's blog, but here's another link to Regency Delight ~Jane Austen, etc.~. I recommend that you check out her blog! She posts a lot of fun things over there!

~ Three helpful things I have done:
1. Well, we got a puppy last week, so a lot of my time has been spent helping my parents watch the new puppy. Sugar likes to chew on a lot of things, so I have to keep her out of trouble.
2. I helped a fellow blogger with a background. I helped this blogger figure out what a good size for a background would be and resized a picture for this blogger. Who is this blogger? Well, you know who you are ;-)
3. Sometimes, I run out and get lunch for my family. I just did yesterday.

~ Nominations
Charity from Austenitis
Now, I know that Charity will be away for the whole summer, but I want to pass this award on to her. She was my first blogging friend. I'm sure there are a number of my followers that found me because of Austenitis. She comments a lot on my posts, has suggestions for banners, and allows me to guest post on Austenitis. Thank you, Charity!

Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm
Now, I know that Miss Laurie was awarded this award by Melody, but she has also been a great help to me! She is always willing to help out with any events that I hold. When I create images for guest posts or events and I'm not quite sure how they look, Miss Laurie provides a second set of eyes to see how they look. Thank you, Miss Laurie!

Melody from Regency Delight ~Jane Austen, etc.~
Okay, I know she gave me the award, but Melody has helped me out a lot. Melody has a lot of great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of. She's also a lot better at naming things than I am (I'm awful with names!) and has helped me with naming things. She also comments frequently on my posts, which always gives me a smile! Thank you, Melody!

And I also want to give a big thank you to all my followers for following me! I still can't believe that I have over 200 followers. When I started Elegance of Fashion, I didn't imagine that I would have 100 followers, let alone 200. Thank you so much! 

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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  1. Thank you for awarding me!! :) I'm glad I can ever be of use to you. By the way, I appreciate how you put my complete blog title. Heehee. =) Just "Regency Delight" is okay, but I always feel pleased when people use the whole thing. :D


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