Saturday, September 10, 2011

Period Drama Week - Saturday: Conclusion (Part 2: Tag Quotes)

Thank you everyone that participated in the tag. Here are some quotes from you! I only included quotes from the tags that had links left here.

"Ooh, everything! I can’t possibly put it down to one thing…I love the beautiful costumes, scenery and scores. I love the element of escapism: living for a few hours in a world of the past where everything is very different, yet in some ways very similar to life now. I also like how you can rely on them to deliver good moral lessons, something which films and tv nowadays doesn't always do. Even the characters that don't act morally very rarely get a happy ending: they face the consequences of their actions, while those who do good are rewarded - in short, everything turns out as it should. Something else I like is how good manners and courtesy towards others is usual practice in period films." ~ Abby from Newly Impassioned Soul on what her favorite things in period dramas

"No matter how many times I watch the original series it always draws me in making me laugh and cry." ~ Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm on why Cranford is one of her top three period dramas

"love having multiple adaptations!  If one's not great, it means you don't have to be annoyed because there already was or will be a better version. " ~Mimic of Modes from A Most Beguiling Accomplishment on why she loves multiple adaptations of period dramas

"Next, Marguerite. I like her because she's loving, strong, brave. And her hair's awesome. :)" ~ Charity U from Austenitis on her favorite character in The Scarlet Pimpernel

"Elinor would be my main reason for liking this book. I really like the story in general of showing that Sense is better than Sensibility. I like how it shows how unfair marrying how society wants you to marry. It is unfair to marry some one that you don't like, let alone love, just because they have a great social status. And that in the end it really shouldn't matter, what should matter is what makes you happy." ~ Elizabeth from The Endless Road on why she loves Sense and Sensibility 

"Very delightful, this movie. Another one that really lifts the spirits, it is so bright and cheery! I think the Emma and Knightley actors do an excellent job, and I love the music, costumes, etc." ~ Melody from Regency Delight ~ Jane Austen. etc~ on why she loves Emma (2009)

"Through them, I can live for a few hours in the past centuries I love and meet the characters of my favourites novels, like they would be real people. I also learn a lot about costumes and daily life in past times." ~ Irene from Cipria e Merletti on why she loves period dramas

Stay Tuned for the rest of the conclusion of Period Drama Week!

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Oh, thanks for including me! I'm enjoying these conclusion posts!

  2. My Period Drama Answers part I are at and part II at
    Thanks a lot for hosting another exciting event!


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