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Period Drama Week - Saturday: Conclusion (Part 1: Period Drama Trivia Challenge Answers and Winners)

Okay, so for the conclusion, I thought I would split it up into multiple posts throughout the day. So here's part 1 of the conclusion, and I know you've all been waiting for it... The Period Drama Trivia Challenge Answers! The Winners and the buttons for the Winners will be at the bottom of this post.

  1. Which two period dramas were Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle in together?
    Correct Answer - Pride and Prejudice (1995) and The King's Speech (2010)
  2. Name the three Jane Austen adaptations that were released in 1995.
    Correct Answer - Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Persuasion
  3. What author wrote the novels The Way We Live NowHe Knew He Was Right, and the books that became The Barchester Chronicles?
    Correct Answer - Anthony Trollope
  4. Who wrote the screenplay for Emma (2009)?
    Correct Answer - Sandy Welch
  5. What three Pride and Prejudice (1995) actors/actresses were in The King's Speech?
    Correct Answer - Colin Firth (Prince Albert "Bertie"/King George VI), Jennifer Ehle (Myrtle Logue), and David Bamber (Theater Director)
  6. How many adaptations of Sense and Sensibility (not spin-offs or modern retellings) were there from 1970 to the present?
    Correct Answer - Four (1971, 1981, 1995, and 2008)
  7. How many versions were there of North and South (by Elizabeth Gaskell)?
    Correct Answer - Two (There was one in 1975 with Patrick Stewart as John Thornton and one in 2004 with Richard Armitage as John Thornton)
  8. Name three period dramas that Michael Gambon was in.
    Possible Answers - Wives and Daughters, Emma (2009), Amazing Grace, The King's Speech, the Doctor Who Christmas episode (I guess it was like A Christmas Carol? Where Michael Gambon was Scrooge?)
  9. Name three period dramas that Colin Firth was in.
    Possible Answers - Pride and Prejudice (1995), The King's Speech, The Importance of Being Earnest
  10. Who wrote the screenplay to North and South?
    Correct Answer - Sandy Welch
  11. Who wrote the screenplay to Wives and Daughters?
    Correct Answer - Andrew Davies
  12. In Little Dorrit, what was Pet's real name?
    Correct Answer - Minnie
  13. What was at stake in Cranford? In Cranford (2007), finish the quote: "There is ____ at stake!"
    Correct Answer - Lace
  14. In North and South (2004), what did John Thornton mention before first proposing to Margaret Hale?
    Correct Answer - The Color of the Fruit 
  15. What did Roger Hamley send to Molly Gibson in Wives and Daughters?
    Correct Answer - A Wasp's Nest
  16. What was the name of Osborne Hamley's wife in Wives and Daughters?
    Correct Answer - Aimee (or Amy)
  17. What was the name of the county that the Bennets lived in in Pride and Prejudice?
    Correct Answer - Hertfordshire
  18. Who were Lady Bertram's sisters in Mansfield Park?
    Correct Answer - Mrs. Price (or Frances Price) and Mrs. Norris
  19. What were the maiden names of the sisters in Question 18?
    Correct Answer - Ward
  20. What was Mrs. Bennet's maiden name in Pride and Prejudice?
    Correct Answer - Gardiner (since Mr. Gardiner was her brother)
  21. In He Knew He Was Right, what was Emily Trevelyan's maiden name?
    Correct Answer - Rowley (her sister was Nora Rowley)
  22. What were the names of the sisters fighting over Mr. Gibson in He Knew He Was Right?
    Correct Answer - Camilla and Arabella French
  23. Who were the four living members of the Carbury family in The Way We Live Now?
    Correct Answer - Lady Carbury (her first name was Matilda, but I don't remember mentioning her name in the movie), Sir Felix Carbury, Henrietta "Hetta" Carbury, and Roger Carbury
  24. Where was Mrs. Elton originally from in Emma?
    Correct Answer - Bristol
  25. What was Mrs. Elton's maiden name?
    Correct Answer - Hawkins
  26. Name three period dramas that Romola Garai was in.
    Possible Answers - Emma (2009), Amazing Grace, As You Like It, Nicholas Nickleby, Daniel Deronda
  27. True or False? The name of the Dashwood's original home in Sense and Sensibility was Morland.
    Correct Answer - False: it was Norland
  28. Who was Isabella Thorpe engaged to in Northanger Abbey?
    Correct Answer - James Morland
  29. What is the name of the family that owns Downton Abbey?
    Correct Answer - Crawley
  30. Who were the three women that were trying for Doctor Harrison's affections in Cranford?
    Correct Answer - Sophy Hutton, Caroline Thomkinson, and Mrs. Rose
  31. Who was Doctor Harrison actually in love with?
    Correct Answer - Sophy
  32. What was the name of Lady Catherine de Bourgh's husband in Pride and Prejudice?
    Correct Answer - Sir Lewis de Bourgh (but I would have accepted Lewis)
  33. How old was Margaret Dashwood in the 1995 adaptation of Sense and Sensibility?
    Correct Answer - 11 ("I'll be twelve soon.")
  34. How old was Margaret Dashwood in the book Sense and Sensibility?
    Correct Answer - 13 ("Margaret, the other sister, was a good-humored, well-disposed girl; but as she had already imbibed a good deal of Marianne's romance, without having much of her sense, she did not, at thirteen, bid fair to equal her sisters at a more advanced period of life.")
  35. What was Mrs. Weston's first name in Emma?
    Correct Answer - Anne
  36. Who is the heir of Kellynch Hall (full name, please)?
    Correct Answer - William Elliot (though some put down William Walter Elliot; is Walter is middle name? I never picked up on it)
  37. Who is the butler at Downton Abbey (full name again)?
    Correct Answer - Charles "Charlie" Carson (I wanted the full name)
  38. Who is the house keeper at Downton Abbey (again, full name)?
    Correct Answer - Elsie Hughes (I wanted the full name)
  39. Who are Mr. Darcy's cousins that are present in Pride and Prejudice?
    Correct Answer - Anne de Bourgh and Colonel Fitzwilliam
  40. What was the name of the woman that Paul Montague was engaged to in The Way We Live Now?
    Correct Answer - Mrs. Winifred Hurtle
  41. What was the name of the new bishop in The Barchester Chronicles (or Barchester Towers for the book)?
    Correct Answer - Bishop Proudie
  42. What was the name of the chaplain for the bishop in #41?
    Correct Answer - Mr. Obadiah Slope (though he may have changed his name from Slop)
  43. What was Henry Tilney's occupation in Northanger Abbey?
    Correct Answer - Clergyman
  44. How many children were in Catherine Morland's family in Northanger Abbey?
    Correct Answer - Ten
  45. How old were Elizabeth Elliot and Anne Elliot at the beginning of Persuasion (not counting the flashbacks)?
    Correct Answer - Elizabeth was 29 and Anne was 27
  46. What was the "North" town in North and South? What was the "South" town?
    Correct Answer - The North town was Milton; the South town was Helstone
  47. What was the name of Charles, Henrietta, and Louisa Musgrove's brother who served in the navy?
    Correct Answer - Richard "Dick" Musgrove
  48. What was the name of the boy that Mr. Carter was teaching how to read in Cranford (2007)?
    Correct Answer - Harry Gregson
  49. How many children do Isabella and John Knightley have in Emma?
    Correct Answer - Five ("...the sixteen miles being happily accomplished, and Mr. and Mrs. John Knightley, their five children, and a competent number of nursery-maids, all reaching Hartfield in safety. ")
  50. Why is Molly Gibson in Wives and Daughters called Molly instead of her Christian name? What was her Christian name?
    Correct Answer - Molly's Christian name was Mary. She was called Molly to differentiate between her and her mother since her mother was also named Mary

Thank you everyone for participating! Now for the Top 5 Winners that will also recieve a button/award to put at the side of their blog!

Melody -- 76%
Miss Laurie -- 74%
Abby -- 72%
Mel -- 54%
Birdienl -- 44%

Congratulations! Here are the buttons for you to pick up!

Stay tuned for the rest of the conclusion for Period Drama Week!

God Bless,  
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Thank you for the lovely button! The trivia questions were such fun to answer :) I've really enjoyed participating in Period Drama week, so thank you for hosting it!


  2. I am SOO sorry that I didn't finish the Period Drama week!! I had written out the posts, but I didn't schedule them and make them all pretty :(
    GREAT week, though!! Glad others were able to do it :)

  3. Yay! Thanks so much for hosting this trivia challenge and making these lovely buttons! I love my button and will display it proudly on my blog! :)

  4. I am so pleased to have made the top! :) Although I'm surprised Miss Laurie didn't beat me! ;-)

    And by the way...Michael Gambon was in Cranford, and The Turn of the Screw (with Colin Firth) is a period drama...old-fashioned anyhow, I think based on a story by Henry James. It also has Pam Ferris (Mrs General on Little Dorrit) and Johdi May (Mrs Weston on Emma, also on Daniel Deronda and The Mayor of Casterbridge) although I haven't seen it.

    Aimee! I remember that spelling now. :P

    There was a Walter in there somewhere...near the end of the book, in the letter Mrs. Smith shows Anne, he talks about how he's glad he can drop it because he didn't want to have the family name (Walter) - Elliot was bad enough and all that.
    Although he sort of sang a different tune later on. :P

    Oh yeah, Bristol...he he...

    Thanks again! And thank you also for the lovely button! I will be putting it on my blog as soon as I can. :)

    I'm sad that I didn't have time to write the advice column this time or the 'who would be friends' thing...but they both looked very interesting; the latter is actually similar to something I've thought about doing before.

  5. Thank you so much for the lovely button! It is beautiful :) And I'm so suprised (and overjoyed) that I actually made it in the top 5.
    Thanks for posting the answers I enjoyed reading through them.
    Thanks again for the button, I'm off to put it on my blog now! :)


  6. Thank you so much for the button! I really enjoyed answering the questions and I'm happily surprised I made it to the top 5! I'll display my button with pride!


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