Sunday, May 15, 2011

One more day to vote... Information on Wild Card for Tournament... and Some Announcements

First on the list: there's only one more day to vote in Round 2 of "The Period Drama Hero Tournament", if you haven't voted yet, go do so now!

Wild Card: After Round 2, there will be a three day poll to decide the "wild card" for Round 3, which will bring back one hero that has already been eliminated. So if your favorite was voted out in a previous round, this is the opportunity to bring him back! You will be able to select more than one hero (if there are two or more heroes tied for the wild card, I'll randomly select one).

Other Announcements: I hadn't had an opportunity to write a review for this week, so there will be no review tomorrow. The week after, however, there should be a review. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Remember how I mentioned that at the blog Austenitis is doing a series of posts about Period Drama Actor/Actress doubles? Well, Charity U at Austenitis has put up another addition, this time with actresses. If you've seen such period dramas as Emma (2009), North and South, or Wives and Daughters, you will easily recognize the actresses that are presented in the new post. To view it, click here!

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  1. Oh, thanks again, Elegance of Fashion! I've been watching my stats and your shout-outs are bringing readers, so THANK YOU!

    I'm anticipating the poll for bringing back a hero quite a bit...hopefully we'll get one that I vote for. ;)

    While I'm here...I'm just going to email you from my cover email about posting on Austenitis while I'm away. It'll come to you as an email from Photographer 4Ever, so. :)


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