Monday, May 16, 2011

Jane Bennet's Grey Pelisse/Gown

This grey pelisse (or gown?) of Jane Bennet's can be seen while she is inside Longbourn or outside (which I think is a little unusual since pelisses are usually worn outside). It seems to have some of the qualities of a pelisse (like the buttoned bodice), but it also has some qualities of being a regular gown (it was worn during a meal).

Front View: The front has a buttoned down bodice. There are two buttons going down the bodice, but then at the empire waist, there are two more buttons to hold the dress together. There's also a separate collar that comes out at the neckline.

Details of the collar: There's a lot of fine white embroidery on the collar. The edge is not a straight edge, but has a fancy "zig zag" detailed edge. This picture is also a screenshot from a meal time at Longbourn.

Back: The back resembles a classic pelisse. There is also a puff to the top of the sleeve.

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