Monday, April 4, 2011

What do you think? eBooks or Printed Books?

For Christmas, I got a Pandigital Novel, a tablet eReader. It came with 100 free classic eBooks and it allows you to surf the internet while you're using it.

My menu page

My Library

Some of the free books

Inside Sense and Sensibility, a version I downloaded.

Well, this blog looks familiar!

Scroll down to see more of the blog. (Yes, I took this picture awhile ago).

As I've explored using it and putting books on it, I kind of like the eBook format, but at the same time I still like having a solid, printed book.

What do you think? Do you like eBooks? Or do you like printed books more? Or do you like both? I like both, personally: I like the solidness of having an actual book, but I also like the portability of having an eReader. I'm kind of caught in the middle!


  1. I have the Amazon Kindle app on my phone, and so have quiet a few books on there from the periodic free ones that Amazon offers on occasion. I enjoy this because I am able to read these books for free when I probably would have never gotten around to getting a hard copy.

    However, the Kindle still does not trump an actually book to hold in my hands. If I read a book on my kindle that I absolutely love, I end up buying the book so that I can have it sitting on my bookshelf.

    So, while I do like the kindle in some ways, I still love to hold the actual book and feel the pages! :-D

    ~ Katy

  2. I love my kindle but I have better memory with printed books. I get ebooks confused a lot. I'll know I read something somewhere but can't figure out which ebook it was. With real books, I think the size and color of the cover helps me differentiate things.

    I do love ebooks though. They allow me to read things I would never be able to afford to buy.

  3. Trying to read long things on a screen drives me a little crazy; I much prefer a book. =)

  4. I haven't spent much time at all with ebooks. I've read a few, but not many. However, from what I've seen, it looks nice! However, those electronic things make me nervous. They're so easy to delete, be it a song or a book. I prefer to have the CD or the printed book. Besides, you can't really ever re-sell ebooks, can you?

  5. I haven't tried reading through an eBook reader yet. However, I still think I would prefer printed books. There's just something about printed books that I like.

  6. I know I am biased (being an old fashioned bookseller by profession), but nothing can ever beat the experience of reading a real book;)


  7. I still prefer real books. :) E-books, they're cool, and I love how portable they are...but a print book. *sigh* You have pages, and the feel and smell. Love it!


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