Sunday, April 3, 2011

Regular Polls closed!

Sorry it took a while to post this, but the regular polls are now closed. There were two polls: here are the results:

To the question "What is your favorite adaptation of Pride and Prejudice?"
76% (114 votes) said the 1995 Miniseries (Jennifer Ehle),
20% (30 votes) said the 2005 Movie (Keria Knightley),
The 1940's Movie (Greer Garson) and the 1981 Miniseries (Elizabeth Garvie) were tied at 1% (2 votes apiece),
and 0%* (1 vote) for another version.

To the question "What are some of your favorite adaptation/novel authors of classic literature?" with multiple choices being allowed:
81% (94 votes) said Jane Austen,
40% (56 votes) said Elizabeth Gaskell,
39% (46 votes) said Charles Dickens,
32% (38 votes) said The Bronte Sisters,
25% (30 votes) said Shakespeare,
12% (14 votes) said another author,
7% (9 votes) said George Eliot,
and 4% (5 votes) said Anthony Trollope.

Thank you everyone for voting! I'll try to have another poll up tommorow.
* Real percentage: .67%

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