Thursday, March 10, 2011

They're Selling Bonnets at JCPenny now?

So, my mom and I went shopping one evening a couple weeks ago at JCPenny to buy some new shirts for the spring. I walked away to put something back, and when I returned, my mom had grabbed a hat...

Or maybe it was a bonnet!

This would be perfect for anyone looking for a straw hat to make into a bonnet! If it wasn't $17 (on sale), I would have bought it. Maybe as the season goes on, the price will go down. :-D


  1. Interesting! Did you find some nice skirts? It's so hard to find pretty modest ones. :P But every once in a while...:)

  2. Maybe we'll soon get regency dresses too. :P

  3. Charity U,
    I found some nice shirts. I don't remember seeing any skirts, though: I usually don't buy skirts. I know when I look for dresses for a special occasion, it's extremely hard to find any good ones; either they're too short, too low, or extremely tight. I end up making my own dresses if I need one. It's hard to find modest clothing in the stores...

    Lady Renate,
    I would be a happy person if that happened! :-)

  4. Whoops, classic example of reading too fast. I though you had said you were buying skirts! Well good, I'm glad you found some nice sHirts. ;)


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