Thursday, November 7, 2013

Jane Bennet's Blue Spencers

There are two spencers featured here. I decided to put them into one post because they were so similar and there were only slight differences between them. Like Elizabeth's spencers, Jane's spencers are always paired with a white dress.

Spencer #1 Full View: There are two buttons at the bottom of the spencer that close the spencer.

Spencer #1 Front/Side View: There seem to be decorative buttons on the sleeve with triangular shapes going from the button to the sleeve.

Spencer #2 Front View: Slight differences: instead of only two buttons at the bottom for closure, there appear to be three buttons at the bottom and two more buttons above them.

Spencer #2 Side View: Here appears to be the same spencer as #1 sans buttons at the sides.

I didn't have any pictures of the back view, but I would assume that the back would be the standard Regency back.

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  1. Another difference between #1 and #2 is the collars; #1 has a more common collar with pointed corners, but #2 has a rounded edge. Both very pretty. :)


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