Thursday, November 7, 2013

Assorted Chemisettes and Kerchiefs/Fichus

Throughout Pride and Prejudice, some characters wear either chemisettes or kerchiefs (fichus). Chemisettes and fichus were worn both for modesty and warmth. They would be tucked into the bodice.

Mrs. Bennet's chemisette: Lots of frills

Kitty and Lydia's chemisettes: Kitty has the chemisette with lots of frills while Lydia has a collar chemisette. I remembered seeing a Simplicity pattern that had a chemisette similar to Lydia's, but I think it's unavailable now. You might have to look at E-bay or other pattern websites.

Mrs. Gardiner's chemisette: Not as many frills as Mrs. Bennet's.

Elizabeth's and Jane's Kerchiefs/Fichus: I wasn't sure what to call them exactly. They are in the shape of fichus, but fichus are usually tucked into the bodice. Pretty much it's a triangular piece of fabric that you can tie as shown. They look like their decorated with some white embroidery on white tulle or some sort of veil fabric.

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  1. Thanks for making this! It has been so helpful!


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