Friday, December 10, 2010

Update! and Embroidery Pictures

Hey everyone!

I said that I would try to post an update during my busy weeks, so here I am! I'm sure that once finals are over, all will be back to normal. I'm hoping to post a review around December 20th (give or take a day or two); then reviews should go back to normal. I also believe that December 20th is the day in which the poll closes, so I'll also have to create a poll that day too.

Hopefully in a little while, I'll update everyone on my sewing. I haven't been neglecting it, and have been working on it a little at a time while taking breaks from my busy schedule.

Now, as I promised, here are some pictures of some embroidery work I did a few years back. The first five I got from a book called Teach Yourself to Embroider, while the last one I drew from a picture I found on the computer. Enjoy!

Butterfly and Flowers



Garden Kaleidescope

Garden Design

Lamb of God

Until next time!


  1. I like the Garden Kaleidescope one! Not sure about my spelling there. :)
    Also, could you explain to me how to get the pictures to be clear and not crushed to get them all the same size? I didn't state that real clearly, but. I'm subscribing to comments here, or you could email me:

  2. Vande Historic Costuming,
    Thank you!

    Charity U,
    Thank you! The kaleidescope one had a stitch (the darker pink parts) that was kind of hard for me to get the hang of. I think I had to work on that one a little while to get the stitches just right. I'm glad you like that one!

    For the pictures, I usually just tell Blogger to upload my pictures and they come out that way. I know you can change the sizes: if you click on the picture in the edit mode, a little blue bar will come up where you can pick the size, including the original size. You can try setting all the pictures to one size (I think mine are on medium). I know if you click on the picture outside of the edit mode, you go to a link of the picture of the original size. I don't think I did anything special for clarity. I hope this helps :-)


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