Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sewing - Dog Jackets

I did these jackets for my dogs a few years back. Though they have sustained multiple washings, they are still in pretty good shape.

A few years back, my mom noticed that during the winter and especially after my dogs got groomed, our one dog (who spends a lot of time looking out the window) was shivering. We had to do something about that, so she found a pattern and fabric at JoAnn Fabrics and asked me to sew them winter jackets. Pictured here are the second pair of jackets that I made (the first pair of jackets got old and were a little short along the back).

Ali, our male dog.

Ali on the look-out... and in warm comfort.

Coco, our female dog.

Coco sleeping in warm comfort.

So there are the jackets. I believe that the fabric is flannel; it has the blue plaid print on the outside and plain yellow on the inside. The straps run across the dog's chest and along the stomach and are secured with velcro.

Ali looking very nice and showing the monogram
On one of the chest straps, I embroidered a monogram on each of the jackets. Since both jackets are the same colors and since Coco is a little smaller than Ali, it made sense to put some sort of mark on them to tell the jackets apart.

Ali's Monogram

Coco's Monogram

Here are some close-ups of the monograms (you can click on the pictures for a bigger picture). I drew the monograms on the jackets then embroidered it before sewing the two inside/outside pieces together. Now we can tell the jackets apart when we put them on the dogs.

Not only do these jackets look good, but they also have the purpose of keeping the dogs warm. They really like the jackets: in fact, if one has their jacket on, the other one will look at you and wait for you to put their's on. Obviously these jackets are only for the winter time; once the warm weather comes, the jackets go into storage.

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