Thursday, November 14, 2013

Header Poll Results and Progress on New Look

So for starter's, the poll is now closed at the side bar. Thank you for voting and helping to decide about the header. But now, for the results. So between a multi-themed banner and a monthly banner, you all preferred...

One multi-themed banner that is changed once a year
  6 (31%)
Monthly/Bi-monthly banners that have a specific theme
  12 (63%)
No Preference
  3 (15%)

a monthly banner! So that is what I will try to do from now on: changing up the banner either every month or every two months.

But now for the progress on the new look.

While I do know some web development (I did take two courses on it), I don't think I'm ready to code my own template for blogger; analyzing the current layout code would be a big feat since there are over 2,000 lines of code. So what does that leave me with? Templates, of course! I've been looking around at templates and I do want to try something new.

I thought about doing a dynamic template. It was new; it looked cool. But then I realized that I would have to give up headers (I created a test blog and noticed that I could not use a picture as a header). I do want to keep the header and there were other features in the dynamic template that I wasn't very fond of, so the dynamic template is out.

So it looks like I'm going to basically use a similar design as before. The original design worked out very well and people haven't complained about it, so I'll probably use a similar template but apply a new background/header to it and clean up the side bars. I'm still debating whether or not I want to keep both sidebars or just one sidebar, so if you have any comments on that, feel free to leave a comment.

And if you scroll down to the bottom of Elegance of Fashion, you will notice that I cleaned up my labels! There's still quite a few labels (after all, there are over 700 posts on Elegance of Fashion), but they are under a lot more control now than they were before.

So as I work on redesigning my blog, I'll keep you all updated as to how it's going.

Hope your week has been going well!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Fun! A new looks is always fabulous. :)

  2. I prefer the one-sidebar look, but you would have to either really trim down your content or have one insanely long sidebar, lol. Might you consider moving some of your sidebar things to a page? For instance, some people put the buttons and links for their favorite blogs all on a page instead. Same could go for illustrated quotes from your favorite books/movies.

    1. You've read my mind! I was thinking about making a favorite blogs page and having one gadget on the side bar that is a random monthly favorite blog button and a link below that to the page.

      I was thinking about doing away with the quotes all together, though. I don't think it does anything for the design of the blog. But I'll see as to that.

      Thank you for your suggestions! They're really helping me along. :-)

  3. Exciting! I prefer one side bar on my blog because it makes more room both there and for the post, I guess. Whatever you do, I'm looking forward to seeing it! :)


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