Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mini Jane Austen Jeopardy Answers and Winners

Yesterday, the Mini Jane Austen Jeopardy Tournament came to a close. Thank you to everyone for playing along! Here are the answers to all the questions.

Character Mash-ups
Grand Estates, Indeed
Silly and Ignorant People
Recipes for Happiness
Happiness in Marriage
All the Officers
Barbara Spooner is constantly at odds with her brother-in-law, Edmund Bertram. Her father is also Squire Hamley.
Answer: What is Emma (2009)?
Near Lambton (which is where Mrs. Gardiner grew up).
Answer: What is Pemberly?
This clergyman singled out a daughter of his distant cousin for his future wife (though he singled out her elder sister first).
Answer: Who is Mr. Collins?
Mix equal parts of clever, handsome, and rich and two parts matchmaking to get this heroine.
Answer: Who is Emma Woodhouse?
She married a clergyman: her happiness was a matter of chance.
Answer: Who is Charlotte Lucas (Collins)?
This scheming officer almost ran off with an heiress of 30,000 pounds.
Answer: Who is George Wickham?
Arthur Clennam found Her Grace, the Duchess of Devonshire, to be only tolerable. Did we mention the duchess is related by marriage to Isobel Crawley?
Answer: What is Pride and Prejudice (2005)?

Devonshire, has a lovely house and a rented cottage.
Answer: What is Barton Park?
This pretty girl fell in love with a farmer, but was lead to fall in love with two other gentlemen.
Answer: Who is Harriet Smith?
Mix generous, amiable, and interesting ingredients together; hold the prudence to get this heroine.
Answer: Who is Marianne Dashwood?
In this marriage, he is close to his mother-in-law while she dotes on her noisy children.
Answer: Who is Sir John Middleton and Lady Middleton?
This bachelor has two thousand a year and no debts. He can be a bit grave, though.
Answer: Who is Colonel Brandon?
Aunt Reed and St. John Rivers are to be married in this Austen adaptation.
Answer: What is Persuasion (2007)
Sussex, it's former resident had a passion for its dead leaves.
Answer: What is Norland?
This girl was so determined that she jumped off of a ledge in Lyme.
Answer: Who is Louisa Musgrove
This wife of a baronet is made out of indolence extract.
Answer: Who is Lady (Maria) Bertram?
This unhappy, newly married couple lives at Sotherton.
Answer: Who is Maria Bertram and Mr. Rushworth?
His sister was the fiancee of Captain Benwick before her untimely death.
Answer: Who is Captain Harville?
Mrs. Gowan convinces her husband, Frederick Dorrit, to not help his half sisters.
Answer: What is Sense and Sensibility (1995)?
Located in the "Garden of England", this estate is home to two rich residents.
Answer: What is Hartfield?
This man, who was engaged to a baronet's daughter, had two-and-forty speeches in a play.
Answer: Who is Mr. Rushworth?
Take this gentleman of an uncertain profession and send him off into the navy until ready. Serve with a side of fortune.
Answer: Who is Captain Wentworth?
He is an attorney and she spends time with her five nieces.
Who is Mr. and Mrs. Phillips?
He took in Miss Bates's niece, Jane Fairfax.
Answer: Who is Captain Campbell?
Rose Tyler goes to live with her family in a rich estate and falls in love with... Mr. Elton?
Answer: What is Mansfield Park (2007)?
Yorkshire, home to a sickly aunt and a rich uncle.
Answer: What is Enscombe?
The tallest of her sisters, she is a very determined flirt.
Answer: Who is Lydia Bennet?
Take a charming gentleman and mix in some poetry. All he needs is some money...
Answer:  Who is John Willoughby?
They have five children: George, Henry, John, Bella, and Emma.
Answer: Who are John and Isabella Knightley?
This son of Mr. and Mrs. Musgrove served under Captain Wentworth before he died on duty.
Answer: Who is Richard "Dick" Musgrove?

And now for the winners! There was a tie for first place, so there are two first place winners and two runner ups. The two first place winners are...

Meredith from Austenesque Reviews


Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm

Both Meredith and Miss Laurie have received a signature banner and a button for their blogs. Congratulations to the both of you!

Our Runner-ups will also receive a button. The two runner-ups are...

Melody from Regency Delight...

and Miss Jane Bennet from Classic Ramblings

Congratulations to the runner-ups!

I hope everyone had fun with this game!

What did you think of Mini Jane Austen Jeopardy? What was your favorite part about it? Was there anything that could have been done better? Leave a comment! I'd love some feedback!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. This was very fun, and I'd love to play again some time! I know it would look less like a Jeopardy board, but maybe you could create a different format so that the far right column doesn't run behind your sidebar?

    1. Thanks for the input! I might be able to code something so it still looks like Jeopardy but doesn't run into the side bar.

  2. This was such a lovely idea! Thank you for the beautiful banner and button! I thought the categories were very clever. I almost got stumped with the mashed-up characters, but I figured it out! Thank you for such fun!

  3. Lizzy, thank you so much for this delightful game and especially for my lovely banner and button! I'm going to have so much fun using them!
    The game was very well thought out yet easy to play. The only question I didn't dare answer was the one about Marianne because I felt I just didn't have enough of a clue to hazard a guess, but if I was as familiar with the book as I should be it might have been easier. Really the only way it could be improved is by making it a longer game with more rounds! hehe Thank you! :)


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