Sunday, July 7, 2013

Period Drama Challenge Finale and Tag

Old-Fashioned Charm
Today marks the end of The Period Drama Challenge at Old-Fashioned Charm. I attempted to watch 12 to 15 new films to be a "Period Drama Fanatic". Sadly, however, I fell short by two films... But I still watched ten new period dramas and earned the title "Period Drama Devotee". Here are the films that I reviewed and links to the reviews (and, of course, feel free to leave comments).

1. The Pallisers (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)
4. Jane Eyre (1983)
6. Mr. Selfridge (2013)
9. The Inheritance (1997)
10. Little Women (1978)

And now for the final tag...

1. How many period dramas did you review?
I reviewed ten period dramas with thirteen reviews altogether. Check out my reviews in the above list!

2. Did you enjoy reading reviews from the other challenge participants?
Though I didn't read as many of them as I would have liked, I did enjoy seeing what other people thought of the period dramas that they've watched.

3. Did you review mostly films you'd seen before or new-to-you films?
They were mostly new films. The exceptions were Downton Abbey: Series 3 (which I don't count as new since I've been following the series for a couple of years now), Somewhere in Time (which I saw most of a long time ago and rewatched to review it), and Jane Eyre (I had seen numerous clips of the 1983 miniseries, so it wasn't completely new).

4. Of the films that were new to you, which was your favorite?
I would have to say The Pallisers: though there were some slow parts to it, it was still a good miniseries/series in which you got to know each of the characters well and at a good pace.

5. What new period dramas have you discovered through this challenge that you look forward to viewing in future?
Though I didn't get to read many of the reviews due to my busy schedule, I am intrigued by Treasure Island that Miss Laurie reviewed.

6. Would you be interested in participating in a similar challenge next year?
YES! I had a lot of fun watching new period dramas and I would definitely participate next year.

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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