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Period Drama Challenge -- April and May Tags

Old-Fashioned Charm

Wow, these have been a couple of busy months. I finally had time to finish up the April tag and answer the May tag for The Period Drama Challenge at Old-Fashioned Charm. I combined both tags into one post.

April Tag

1. What period dramas have you watched in April?
From Nicholas Nickleby (2002)
While I'm continuing to watch Mr. Selfridge, I think the only period drama I've seen all the way through in April was Nicholas Nickleby since April was a busy month for me.

2. Have you ever watched a period drama where the characters time traveled between eras (i.e. Somewhere In Time, Lost In Austen, From Time To Time)?
From Time to Time
Yes, I have. I've seen most of Somewhere in Time (probably need to rewatch it before I review it) and From Time to Time (which I've already reviewed). I don't mind time travelling stories (I am a fan of Sci-fi, after all), and I do count them as period dramas since they do take place in a time in history (though maybe not for all of the story).

Note: Since writing this answer, I have seen Somewhere in Time and reviewed it.

3. What historical era is your favorite and why?
Numerous eras. I'd say my top three are the Regency Era, Georgian Era, and the 1910s and mainly because of the fashions.

4. How many William Shakespeare film adaptations have you seen?
I know I intend to watch a couple and have seen only a few.

I've seen bits and pieces of the Romeo and Juliet from the 60s and the modern take with Leonardo DiCaprio in high school. Romeo and Juliet is my least favorite Shakespeare play, so that's probably why I've never seen a version of Romeo and Juliet all the way through: I haven't gone out of my way to see one all the way through.

I remember in high school watching this version of A Midsummer Night's Dream. It was okay, but I did think that it was a little too mature for a PG-13 rating. I think the only thing I was thrilled about was the father from the 80s show ALF being in there.

I've seen the Sir Laurence Olivier Hamlet from the 40s (reviewed it!). It was an okay version of Hamlet.

I did see Shakespeare in Love, but it was probably more invention than reality. I don't recommend it.

I saw a modern version of Macbeth for my Shakespeare class. Between the poor sound quality and the changes from the original play, I wouldn't recommend it.

5. If a new biographical film based on the life of your favorite classic author were made would you rejoice or be the first to sign a "do not make this film" petition?
That would be a new film about Jane Austen. I think I would rejoice provided that it looked good, accurate, and had proper casting. There needs to be a more accurate film of Jane Austen. Becoming Jane wasn't convincing and Miss Austen Regrets made Jane Austen seem like she was spending her time drinking wine and was in a bad mood most of the time. Please, someone, give us a more accurate portrayal of Jane Austen.

May Tag

1. What period dramas have you watched in May?
I haven't watched much in May (due to my busy schedule).

I did finish up Mr. Selfridge, though (and reviewed it). It took a while to like it, but I did get to the point where I could say that I enjoyed it. Despite that, I don't think that it deserved a second series...

But before finishing Mr. Selfridge, I watched The Mill on the Floss. This was the second adaptation of The Mill on the Floss that I've seen (the first one was one from the late 70s). It's one of those stories where I grow an attachment to the characters and the story, but then the ending just ruined it.

2. Do you enjoy period drama set murder mysteries (such as Hercule Poirot or Sherlock Holmes)?
I've seen one Poirot mystery and bits and pieces of Miss Marple mysteries... They're not bad. I haven't really gotten into them, but I'm not opposed to watching another Poirot or a Miss Marple period drama.

3. If you could choose any period drama character's wardrobe to wear for a day, which character would you choose?
I love Lizzy's white gown here! I even made a replica of it.
Just one? Well, the obvious answer for me would be Elizabeth Bennet's wardrobe from Pride and Prejudice (1995). Everything she wore is neat and comfortable looking (though I would prefer higher necklines).

But excluding Lizzy's wardrobe (since that would be the most predictable answer for me), I would probably go with Lady Mary's wardrobe from Downton Abbey. I love a lot of her clothes from Series 1 and 2 (I thought Series 3's wardrobe -- and not just Lady Mary's buy everyone's -- wasn't anything special).

4. Have you ever watched a period drama solely because your favorite actor was in it?
You bet.

Let's face it, I probably wouldn't have watched A Christmas Carol (2009) if Colin Firth wasn't in it. In fact, they needed more Colin Firth. But I don't think that even Colin Firth could have saved that film...

I know I had to watch Shakespeare in Love for class (why still eludes me -- an idea on what Shakespearean theater was like, maybe? But there must have been other options available...), but I wouldn't have tolerated it so much if Colin Firth (and also Jim Carter) wasn't in there.

5. How many Louisa May Alcott adaptations have you seen?
Just Little Women (1994). I would like to see The Inheritance at some point, though.

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. "The Inheritance" has been adapted?! I didn't know that! I loved the book! I'll have to look for the movie.

  2. Hello, I recently found your blog and love it... here is a link to watch The Inheritance on YouTube
    I personally consider Little Women to be her best work.
    Also would you consider Kate and Leopold to be a time traveling period drama? Most of it takes place in the present but some of it is in the past.

    1. Welcome, Blaire! Thanks for the link to The Inheritance! It will make it easy for me to watch it!

      I have never seen Kate and Leopold, so my answer would be purely speculation. But I would say that if it's mostly in the present day than it would be a modern movie with time travelling components instead of a time travelling period drama. But that's just my opinion.


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