Thursday, May 2, 2013

Guest Post by Analiese: Wives and Daughters Review

I'm doing a guest post for Miss Elizabeth Bennet during her absence, and decided to do a movie review - thank you for having me, Miss Bennet! :D It's full of spoilers, so this is your alert. Here is my review of Wives and Daughters.

Molly Gibson is a favorite heroine of mine - she's not a 'spirited' heroine like Elizabeth Bennet or Emma Woodhouse, but her quiet sweetness and strength has impressed me when I've seen the movie. They stick pretty close to her character in the book [read it if you haven't!], though I personally think they add more excitement to her character than Elizabeth Gaskell originally had. Justine Waddel does a lovely job. 

Roger Hamley is not one of those Mr. Darcy sort of heroes that comes to your mind at once [and he's not a favorite of mine] but he has a good heart and I'm glad he marries Molly. Elizabeth Gaskell died before finishing the book, however, so we're not utterly certian she meant them to get together! :D Roger's relationship with his mother is sweet and I love the scene where he comforts Molly after she's been crying.

Cynthia Kirkpatrick - ugh. The poor girl. She got herself into such a mess when she young, though I ceritnaly think she was taken advantage of, too. She's sweet to Molly and Mr. Gibson, but her relationship with her mother is awful and she's a hopeless flirt. [Ooh - and her dresses and hairstyles are...interesting.]

Mr. Gibson, Hyacinth Kirkpatrick and Mr. Preston. Molly's father is alright, I suppose, though he doesn't seem to notice the matters of her heart very well at all. Hyacinth [as she insists on being called] is a very interesting character indeed - I laughed out loud several times while reading the book as Elizabeth Gaskell has a very funny side that she displays in some things Hyacinth says. And Mr. Preston - awful man. Enough said.

The dance is fun, though of course Mr. Preston is there to ruin it. :P The dancing itself is more waltz-ish than the Jane Austen ones, and the dresses are different, but I guess that's the slightly different time period.
The ending - it's different than the book, of course, because Elizabeth Gaskell never finished it - I think it's sweet, though probably unrealistic. :D And Molly wearing pants...not in a lifetime.

Costumes - I like that Molly's dresses reflect her character just as Cynthia's reflect hers. :D Lots of bright colors and puffed sleeves and full skirts.

Overall - well, I don't like it as much as North and South and it certianly doesn't compare to P&P, but it's a sweet movie and I need to watch it again soon. :D
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  1. Adore this movie - it's such a charmer plus the cast is spectacular. :)

  2. I have yet to see or read W&D, but a copy of the book is on its way to my house right now. You're making me eager indeed to read it!

  3. And Mr. Preston - awful man. Enough said.

    I disagree. Mind you, he has a sardonic sense of humor that most of society would disapprove of. But awful? I think the man was a chump who ended up being used by Cynthia. Molly is so blinded by her disapproval of Mr. Preston that even she cannot realize this.


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