Saturday, March 16, 2013

Villains Tournament -- Round 3

Period Drama Villains Tournament

Round 3 of the Villains Tournament is up! Here are the polls:

Poll 1
John Thorpe (Northanger Abbey)
Miss Havisham (Great Expectations)

Poll 2
Lucy Steele (Sense and Sensibility)
Rigaud (Little Dorrit)

Poll 3
George Wickham (Pride and Prejudice)
Banastre Tarleton (Amazing Grace)

Poll 4
Mrs. Reed (Jane Eyre)
Mr. Drummle (Great Expectations)

Poll 5
General Tilney (Northanger Abbey) 
John Willoughby (Sense and Sensibility)

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Finally made it to this! :) Let's see here. I went with...John Thorpe. Having (FINALLY) seen Northanger Abbey (review to come!) I quite despise the man. And can't believe Miss Havisham is ahead...she's not nearly as wicked!

    Then Rigaud. That was quite easy -- again, he's wicked, Lucy Steele really isn't.

    Wickham. Also easy. I remember him much better than the other.

    Mrs. Reed. Again, because I remember her better.

    And Willoughby. General Tilney was bad...but Willoughby was badder. And yes, I know that's horrible English. But it's true! ;)

    Enjoying this tournament so much!

  2. I think Wickham is doing well because more people have seen P&P. He was an unscrupulous, selfish chap who did not mind exploiting gullible girls, but Banastre Tarleton was a hard-hearted man willing to condone the misery and death of thousands for the sake of his own prosperity. Historically (and this may not count, since it was not portrayed in the film other than a brief mention of the fact that he fought in the American Revolution) he was a brutal monster who repeatedly went back on his word and killed prisoners of war who had surrendered in good faith, as well as burning towns and slaughtering civilians.
    Tarleton gets my vote (awful as Wickham is!).
    Thank you for doing these tournaments. They are so much fun!

    ~A fan

    1. Interesting! I remember reading that Tarleton was the basis for Colonel Tavington in The Patriot, and what you said about Tarleton could also be applied to Tavington.

      I'm glad you're enjoying the tournament! :-)


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