Monday, January 21, 2013

Pride and Prejudice Trivia Game

200 Years of Pride and Prejudice at Elegance of Fashion

To open 200 Years of Pride and Prejudice, how about a little trivia game? This trivia game isn't very long (only 30 questions) and features questions about the Pride and Prejudice book itself and its adaptations. Plus, you could have a chance to win a lovely new button for your blog!


  • To answer questions, simply leave a comment in this post. After your answers, also say which character you would want on a button if you are the winner; if you leave it blank, I will pick a character for you. I will not publish your answers until the end of the event.
  • You only get one chance to answer each question, but if you leave a question blank, you may still answer it. (So if you answer half now and half later, that is perfectly acceptable).
  • I will comment back your score and your unanswered questions after I have graded your answers. I will accept answers until January 27th at 11:55 PM Central Time.
  • The person with the most answers correct will receive a button to display on their blog.

The Questions
  1. What is the name of the tallest Bennet girl (in the book)?
  2. What is Mr. Darcy's first name?
  3. What is Mr. Phillip's occupation?
  4. How much does Mr. Bennet make a year?
  5. What is Mrs. Bennet's maiden name?
  6. How is Mr. Collins related to the Bennets?
  7. What is the name of Mr. Collins's patroness?
  8. What is the name of Anne de Bourgh's father?
  9. What was Mr. Wickham's father's occupation?
  10. How old is Charlotte Lucas at the beginning of Pride and Prejudice?
  11. Who was Georgiana Darcy's guardian companion as told in Mr. Darcy's letter? edit: Since this answer can lead to multiple answers, I'll give a hint that her guardian was a woman.
  12. Which of her daughters was Mrs. Bennet's favorite?
  13. Which of her daughters was Mrs. Bennet's least favorite?
  14. What was the name of Mr. Darcy's mother?
  15. Which Downton Abbey and Wives and Daughters cast member appeared in Pride and Prejudice (2005)?
  16. What part did Crispin Bonham Carter try out for before receiving the part of Mr. Bingley in Pride and Prejudice (1995)?
  17. Whose coughing vexed Mrs. Bennet's nerves?
  18. Who played Mr. Darcy in the 1940s movie of Pride and Prejudice?
  19. What two actresses were related on the set of Pride and Prejudice (1995)?
  20. What Pride and Prejudice (1995) actresses's mother played the same role in a 1967 version of Pride and Prejudice?
  21. Which of Mr. Bennet's daughters does he call silly? (Hint: there should be three)
  22. Which movie do Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy) and Jennifer Ehle (Elizabeth Bennet) appear together? 
  23. What is the name of the actor who played Mr. Darcy in the 1982 miniseries? 
  24. Which Pride and Prejudice (2005) actress also appeared in Bleak House (2005)?
  25. Where does Mr. Collins live (the name of the town and the county)?
  26. How is Colonel Fitzwilliam related to Mr. Darcy? 
  27. What is Mr. Bingley's first name? 
  28. What county is Meryton located? 
  29. Where does Lydia go with the Forsters? 
  30. Who are Mrs. Bennet's siblings?
Good luck, everyone!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. 1. Lydia
    2. Fitzwilliam
    3. He's an attorney
    4. 2,000 pounds
    5. Gardner
    6. Cousin
    7. Lady Catherine de Bourg
    8. Louis (or Lewis?)
    9. the late Mr. Darcy's steward
    10. 27
    11. Mr. Darcy and Col. Fitzwilliam are co-guardians to Georgiana
    12. Lydia - or Jane, depending on who you ask or where you look in the book - but I say Lydia b/c of a sentence in one of the early chapters (8 or 9 I think...)
    13. Lizzy? She certainly picked on and yelled at Lizzy the most, but she also ignored Mary for the whole book...I'll go with Lizzy.
    14. Oooo...hard one! Um um um! I know this...ah! Okay...Anne? I don't think that's right.
    15. Penelope Wilton
    16. Mr. Hurst
    17. Kitty's
    18. Laurence Olivier
    19. Emilia Fox and her mom who played Mrs. Gardner (can't remember actress's name)
    20. No idea
    21. Mary, Kitty, Lydia
    22. 1995 BBC mini-series
    23. David Rintoul
    24. Carey Mulligan
    25. Kent, don't know the town, at Hunsford Lodge on Rosings estate
    26. Cousins
    27. Charles
    28. Hartfordshire
    29. Brighton
    30. Mrs. Philips and Mr. Gardner

  2. Wonderful quiz! There were a few that were quite challenging. Can't wait to see how I did. :)

    1. Lydia Bennet (I just watched the 1980's film and they made Lydia the shortest, not sure why. :)
    2. Fitzwilliam
    3. Solicitor (aka Lawyer)
    4. 5,000 a year? I'm not good with remembering income figures.
    5. Gardiner
    6. A cousin on their father's side. Probably Mr. Bennet's mother and the elder Mr. Collins' mother were sisters but it's hard to tell from the book.
    7. Lady Catherine de Bourgh
    8. Sir Lewis de Bourgh
    9. Stewart to Mr. Darcy
    10. Twenty-seven years old (but then it might be 26 because I remember one adaptation saying "I'm nearly twenty-seven Lizzy!"
    11. Mrs. Younge was her chaperon/companion. Mr. Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam were her guardians.
    12. Lydia, "my favorite child married!" (or Jane? she is the prettiest!)
    13. Elizabeth.
    14. Lady Anne Darcy
    15. Penelope Wilton, who played Mrs. Gardiner
    16. Mr. Wickham? (I just recently saw a Behind The Scenes video and think I remember hearing that.)
    17. Kitty Bennet
    18. Laurence Olivier
    19. Emilia Fox who played Georgiana Darcy and Joanna David who played Mrs. Gardiner - they are mother and daughter.
    20. Lucy Scott who played Charlotte Lucas? Wow! I don't think I'd heard that trivia fact before.
    21. Mary, Kitty and Lydia?
    22. Besides P&P 1995 they appear in The King's Speech together.
    23. David Rintol
    24. Carey Mulligan (she was also Isabella Thorpe in Northanger Abbey, which I think was better suited to her than Kitty Bennet).
    25. Hunsford in Kent, England
    26. They are cousins, Darcy's mother was Col. Fitzwilliam's father's sister.
    27. Charles
    28. Hertfordshire?
    29. Brighton
    30. Mr. Edward Gardiner and Mrs. Phillips

  3. I love trivia!

    1. Lydia
    2. Fitzwilliam
    3. Solicitor
    4. A thousand pounds?
    5. I'm pretty sure it's Gardiner
    6. Mr. Collins is the son of Mr. Bennet's cousin, I think
    7. LADY CATHERINE DE BOURGH *with an air of reverence*
    8. Sir Lewis de Bourgh
    9. He was Mr. Darcy's father's steward
    10. 25?
    11. I want to say "Mrs. Yarrow" but I kind of think I made that up
    12. Lydia
    13. Mary
    14. Anne
    15. Penelope Wilton
    17. Mr. Darcy?
    18. Kitty's
    19. Lawrence Olivier
    20. Argh, I so know this one ... GAH no I don't
    21. Susannah Harker
    22. Haha, Kitty, Mary, and Lydia
    23. The King's Speech
    24. I haven't actually seen that one
    25. Carey Mulligan
    26. Dang I don't have a clue
    27. I think his mother was Darcy's father's sister ... they're cousins.
    28. Charles
    29. Hampshire?
    30. Brighton
    31. Mr. Gardiner and Mrs. Phillips?

    1. Lydia Bennet
    2. Fitzwilliam *immature snicker*
    3. Is he the attorney? I think he was an attorney.
    5. Gardiner
    6. Well, Mr. Bennet says he is his cousin, but everybody was called "cousin" back then... haha.
    7. Lady Catherine de Bourgh
    8. Lewis?
    9. He was Mr. Darcy's steward. *makes snooty look*
    10. Seven and twenty.
    11. For a short time. Mrs. Younge.
    12. Lydia, I think.
    13. Probably Elizabeth.
    14. Eeee... possibly Anne?
    17. Kitty
    18. Laurence Olivier
    19. Joanna David and Emilia Fox
    20. Good grief, I don't know anything about the 1967 version, since one can't watch it!
    21. Lydia, Kitty, and Mary.
    22. Pride and Prejudice. HAHAHAHA. Sorry. The King's Speech. ;-)
    24. Carey Mulligan
    25. All I can remember is Hunsford.
    26. Cousins. Again. I think.
    27. Charles
    28. Hertfordshire
    29. Brighton
    30. Mrs. Philips and Mr. Gardiner

    And I intend to come back for several of the blank ones. :)

  5. Caroline L.,
    You got 25 1/2 correct and 2 1/2 wrong. On 11 I was a little vague on, but I've since clarified what I meant above, so if you would like to reanswer 11 for an additional point, you may. You can also answer 20 for another additional point. Thanks for playing!

    Charity (whose answers I got in an E-mail),
    You got 15 correct and 5 wrong. You can answer 1, 3, 4, 8, 15, 20, 23, 25, and 28 for additional points. Thanks for playing!

    Miss Laurie,
    You got 28 correct and 2 wrong. Very well done, indeed! Thanks for playing!

    I think starting at 17, your answers were off by one since you included 31 questions, but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. But nevertheless, you got 21 correct and 6 wrong. You can answer 16, 19, 23, and 25 for additional points. Thanks for playing!

    You got 24 1/2 correct and none wrong! You can still answer 4, 15, 16, 20, 23, and the other half of 25 for additional points. For 20, it's one of those hidden facts out there. And REAL funny on 22! haha! ;-P

    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Caroline L. -- 25 1/2 points
    Melody -- 24 1/2
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

    Keep answering, everyone!

  6. 1. Lydia.
    2. Fitzwilliam
    3. An attorney.
    4. No idea!
    5. Gardener.
    6. He is a cousin.
    7. Lady Catherine de Bourgh.
    8. No idea!
    9. He worked on the Darcey's estate.
    10. 27?
    11. Mrs. Young.
    12. Jane.
    13. Elizabeth.
    14. No clue!
    15. Penelope Wilton.
    16. No clue!
    17. Kitty.
    18. Sir Laurence Olivier of course!
    19. No clue!
    20. No clue!
    21. Lydia, Kitty, and Mary.
    22. The King's Speech!
    23. No idea.
    24. Carry Mulligan.
    25. Kent, but that's all I can remember!
    26. Cousin.
    27. Charles.
    28. No idea.
    29. Brighton.
    30. Mr. Gardener and Mrs. Phillips.

  7. Lauren,
    You got 20 correct (two questions were half right). You got one wrong. You may answer 4, 8, 14, 16, 19, 20, 23, 28 and the other half of 9 and 25 for additional points. Thanks for playing!

    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Caroline L. -- 25 1/2 points
    Melody -- 24 1/2 points
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Lauren -- 20 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

    Keep playing, everyone!

  8. Okay, I'm back! I needed to think a little on some of those. :)
    Okay, so 15, I can't be sure because I don't watch Downton Abbey... so I'm going to have to go from what I know of W&D and P&P05. For the last two I know that the Jane Bennet actress and the Mrs. Gardiner actress were in both... and the latter seems more likely, so I'll go with that. I don't remember her name, though... but she also played Mrs. Hamley on W&D.

    16 - I'll have to guess on this too; did he try out for Mr. Wickham?

    23 - David Rintoul. I don't know why, but I couldn't remember his name before, even though I knew it!

    25 - The county is Kent. For some reason I couldn't remember THAT before, either.

  9. Melody,
    For 15, I need the name of the actress (which if you have to look up, that's okay). You got 16, 23, and 25 correct! That would be 2 1/2 points added onto your score for a total of 27 points! You can still answer 4 and 20 for more points.

    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Melody -- 27 points
    Caroline L. -- 25 1/2 points
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Lauren -- 20 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

  10. Okay, as long as I can look it up, then I meant Penelope Wilton. :) That isn't one of the names stored in my brain, heehee.

    For 4... ugh, I can't remember, even though I was reading the book rather recently. But I shall not cheat and go check. ;) Maybe later on I'll come up with a random guess, but I think it would be too random. Haha.

  11. Melody,
    You got it right! Your total is now 27 points and you can still answer 4 and 20.

    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Melody -- 28 points
    Caroline L. -- 25 1/2 points
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Lauren -- 20 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

  12. Alright, I shall take another shot at 11 and 20. Georgiana's female companion was Mrs. Young. And, I've been racking my brains for a while trying to recall the mother and daughter actresses who both played the same character...I knew that I had heard at one point. Well, I FINALLY think I remember! Is it Susanna Harker?

  13. Caroline L.,
    You got both 11 and 20 correct! Your score is now 27 1/2.

    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Melody -- 28 points
    Caroline L. -- 27 1/2 points
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Lauren -- 20 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

  14. Okay, Miss Lizzy, you can decide what to do about this - I was thinking for a while about guessing that Mr. Bennet's income is 2,000 pounds; for some reason that number was in my head but I was hesitant to guess, but thought I might at the last minute anyways. Last night I was looking in P&P for something else (I'm putting together some games of my own for the Club) and happened to see the page where it said that it WAS indeed that sum... so anyways. You can credit it or not, I would understand either way. ;) (It's only one question anyways, haha, so I feel silly for explaining all this. :P)

  15. Melody,
    You are correct on 4! Your score is now 29 points. You can still answer 20 for one more point.

    Melody -- 29 points
    Miss Laurie -- 28 points
    Caroline L. -- 27 1/2 points
    Cassidy -- 21 points
    Lauren -- 20 points
    Charity U -- 15 points

  16. Nice tough questions. I can only answer about 1/2, and even those probably aren't all correct =(


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