Thursday, December 20, 2012

JABA: Winter Regency Fashion Show

And to conclude JABA here at Elegance of Fashion, I present to you a fashion show of Regency Winter Wear "modeled" by Jane Austen characters!

Miss Anne Elliot (played by Sally Hawkins) is modeling a brown pelisse with a dark green day gown and a bonnet. Her outfit is perfect for those walks along the coast at Lyme.
Next, we have Miss Marianne Dashwood (played by Charity Wakefield) modeling a dark red pelisse, dark lavender scarf, and a straw bonnet. Those walks around Barton can get chilly at this time of year, but she'll be perfectly warm in her pelisse and scarf!

In riding wear, we have Miss Catherine Morland sporting a blue riding spencer and hat and Mr. Henry Tilney wearing a lovely gentleman's winter coat. They'll enjoy a long ride and not catch a chill!

Back on the runway is Miss Marianne Dashwood (played by Charity Wakefield) with her older sister, Miss Elinor Dashwood (played by Hattie Morahan). These lovely ladies are modeling winter spencers perfect for travel. The looks are completed with matching bonnets!

Next we have Miss Anne Elliot (played by Amanda Root) with her Captain Frederick Wentworth (played by Ciaran Hinds). Miss Elliot is modeling a grey pelisse with matching button detailing; the look is completed with a white chemisette for added warmth. Captain Wentworth is sporting a Navel officer's uniform with gold buttons, very becoming of an officer. The look is completed with a set of white gloves and a Naval hat which can be easily taken off when coming indoors and put back on when stepping out into the streets of Bath again.

Miss Catherine Morland returns with her dear friend, Miss Eleanor Tilney, as they sport the latest in shawls. Each has a paisley shawl: Miss Morland modeling a cream colored shawl while Miss Tilney modeling a mahogany shawl. Both ladies will be kept very warm with these shawls.
Joining Miss Morland and Miss Tilney is Miss Tilney's brother, Mr. Henry Tilney, who is making a return on the runway. Each is wearing fashions perfect for a walk in the forests around Bath. Miss Morland is wearing a cream color spencer and white patterned gown; the hat upon her head is completed with a dark blue ribbon. Miss Tilney is sporting a dark blue pelisse with a contrasting pink gown and bonnet that matches her gown. Mr. Henry Tilney is sporting the latest in gentleman's wear with a dark jacket and matching waistcoat and tan trousers. Dark brown leather boots complete the look.

The Miss Bennets come next onto the runway sporting fashions for doing some shopping around town. Miss Kitty Bennet and Miss Lydia Bennet are both wearing chic red capes. Miss Lydia Bennet is wearing a dark green tam with a gold headband and a lovely dark grey spencer. Miss Kitty Bennet is wearing a matching red bonnet and a lavender color spencer. Both these ladies are wearing lace gloves. Miss Elizabeth Bennet is wearing a black spencer with black detailing. She is wearing a gathered bonnet made out of mahogany silk. The gloves she wears match her bonnet and complete the look.

Now Miss Elizabeth Bennet will model her dark green traveling pelisse and plaid scarf.

This look is also completed with a matching bonnet with both pleating in the brim and gathering in the crown. She is joined by Mrs. Charlotte Collins wearing a white patterned high collared gown with a lace fichu. She is also sporting a white lawn cap that has been gathered at the brim. Next is Miss Maria Lucas and Sir William Lucas in their travelling attire. Miss Lucas is wearing a olive colored pelisse with dark green detailing. Her bottom has a dark rose color ribbon to contrast the green. Sir William has a grey traveling overcoat, a dark olive green waistcoat, and dark grey trousers.

Miss Anne Elliot (played by Amanda Root) is sporting an olive green cape with sleeves. There is a hood in the back for when the weather gets especially windy. White gloves complete the look.
Now for evening wear, we have Miss Emma Woodhouse and Mr. John Knightley modelling the outerwear of evening attire. Miss Woodhouse has a dark coral color cape with a green lining, and Mr. Knightley is sporting formal attire complete with a black top hat and white cravat.
Now for the gowns. Miss Emma Woodhouse sheds her cape to reveal a dark green short-sleeved dress with a gold color sash. Mr. Weston next to her sports a coral waist coat. And joining her husband, Mrs. Isabella Knightley delights us all with a navy color evening gown with black lace short-sleeves.

After traveling to Cleveland, Miss Elinor Dashwood (played by Emma Thompson) and Miss Marianne Dashwood (played by Kate Winslet) also sport traveling pelisses. Miss Elinor Dashwood has on a chocolate color pelisse with darker cuffs and collar wearing a bonnet that has been gathered at the crown. Miss Marianne sports a dark teal cape with a hood. She also has on a dark green spencer and a light color gown.

Let's hear it for all our lovely models!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. *Applauds* Brilliant!!!!

    My favorite is Catherine Morland's riding outfit. And the pelisses and spencers are gorgeous.

  2. Bravo! *applauds loudly*

    I do love Lydia and Kitty's red capes and Kitty's red bonnet is so sweet!
    Lizzy looks quite wintery in her dark green traveling pelisse and plaid scarf!
    Like that you included Emma's Christmas party attire - so pretty!

    This post was such fun Miss Elizabeth! It would be neat to see similar posts such as a Spring fashion show or a Summer one. :)

  3. I love this post! Thank you for all the details about what they are wearing!


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