Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Period Drama Trivia Challenge

Want to test your knowledge of period drama trivia? Want to have a chance to get a button to display on your blog?

This is kind of a mini event going on at Elegance of Fashion that will last for one week. This is the Period Drama Trivia Challenge, a 50 question trivia quiz. Anyone can play, but few will win.

How to Play (Please Read)
  • Answer as many of the questions as you can in a comment on this post. I will not publish your answers until the event is over. I will comment your score and which questions you missed in this post once I have graded your answers. I suggest subscribing this this post so you don't forget to see how you scored.
  • Players may answer as many times as they want, so if you want to guess, you can.
  • You can also split up your answers in multiple comments if you wish (for instance, you can answer 10 now, 10 later, 10 even later, etc.)
  • The top three winners will receive a button 200 x 200 pixels. With your answers (or in a separate comment if you forgot to put it with your answers), say if you would like your name/username or blog name on your button and which character from a period drama you would like pictured.
  • I will accept answers until Tuesday, October 23rd at 11:55 PM Central Time.
The Period Drama Trivia Challenge
  1. What is the name of Fanny Price's favorite brother?
  2. Finish the quote from Cranford: "What will people think of her? Or worse, ____ ___ __ ____?"
  3. Why did Frank Churchill go to London in Emma?
  4. Who does Mr. Gibson marry in He Knew He Was Right?
  5. In Under the Greenwood Tree, who was Fancy Day replacing at church?
  6. How old is Elizabeth Bennet at the start of Pride and Prejudice?
  7. What is the address of the home in Upstairs, Downstairs?
  8. What was the name of the original family in Upstairs, Downstairs?
  9. What is the name of Hamlet's mother?
  10. Who is the original heir of Downton Abbey before the Titanic sank (careful with this answer)?
  11. Who becomes the heir of Downton Abbey after the first two heirs drown in the sinking of the Titanic?
  12. What are the Eliott names of the sisters in The House of Eliott?
  13. What is Lady Mary Crawley's middle name?
  14. Where was Marguerite St. Just from?
  15. What did Catherine Morland want to know while reading The Mysteries of Udolpho?
  16. What did the ladies in Cranford not want built?
  17. What was Molly Gibson's christened name?
  18. What were the names of the three men who wanted to marry Fancy Day?
  19. Who does Fancy Day end of marrying?
  20. What was the name of Osbourne and Roger Hamley's sister?
  21. What was Miss Galindo's occupation in Cranford?
  22. How many children did Sir Walter Elliot have all together as said in the opening of Persuasion?
  23. How old does Maggy say she is in Little Dorrit?
  24. What is the name of Mr. Rochester's brother who was mentioned in Jane Eyre?
  25. What did Aunt Ada see in the woodshed in Cold Comfort Farm?
  26. Who is the youngest Timmins child in Lark Rise to Candleford?
  27. Who did Louis Trevelyan not want his wife to see in He Knew He Was Right?
  28. What was the name of Margaret Hale's friend who dies after working in a cotton mill in North and South?
  29. What is the name of Mr. Rushworth's home in Mansfield Park?
  30. Who was Lady Mary engaged to for most of Series 2 in Downton Abbey?
  31. What did Mr. Woodhouse not want the children to eat at Mr. and Mrs. Weston's wedding?
  32. Who is Frank Churchill's father in Emma?
  33. In the beginning of Cranford, what were Deborah, Matty, and Mary eating?
  34. What is the name of Maud Holland's monkey in the new Upstairs, Downstairs?
  35. What is the name of Lucy Steele's sister?
  36. What kind of factory does John Thornton own in North and South?
  37. What is the name of Lady Bertram's dog?
  38. What is the name of Lord Grantham's dog in the second series of Downton Abbey?
  39. What book did Captain Brown give to Deborah Jenkyns in Cranford?
  40. Who did footman William marry in Downton Abbey?
  41. Name three period drama roles actress Joanna David had.
  42. Which county does the series Poldark take place?
  43. What is the name of Harry Gregson's father in Cranford?
  44. In Lark Rise to Candleford, who was Dorcas Lane's cousin?
  45. Who does Sir Percy marry in The Scarlet Pimpernel?
  46. For the answer to 45, what was her occupation?
  47. What was the name of Edmund Dantes's fiancee in The Count of Monte Cristo (first name would be acceptable)?
  48. What are the names of the sisters in Little Women?
  49. Who was Pip an apprentice to in Great Expectations?
  50. What is the name of Jane Eyre's friend that she met at Lowood that died of typhus?
Good luck everyone!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Yay! How fun!

    1. William?
    2. What will they say?
    3. Allegedly to get his hair cut, and perhaps he did, but it was really to buy a pianoforte for Jane.
    4. Arabella French
    5. The choir? (With the... piano thing? whatever it was, haha...)
    6. She is not one and twenty. Er, well, 20. :D
    14. As in... France? Or more specific?
    15. What is behind the black veil???? Haha. ;) I am sure it is Laurentina's skeleton!
    16. The railway.
    17. Mary.
    18. Er... I think it's been too long since I saw that. Haha.
    20. They had a sister?? I didn't even remember that...
    21. Hmm. Was she a milliner? Or just a seamstress in general.
    22. Four, if you count the still-born son.
    23. Ten!
    24. Oh dear! I can't remember.
    27. Colonel Somebody-or-other. Osborne, maybe? Haha, random guess.
    28. I may come back for this one. My brain isn't working so well right now! ;)
    31. Cake.
    32. Mr. Weston.
    33. Oranges?
    35. Anne, nicknamed Nancy.
    36. Cotton.
    37. Just "Pug", I think.
    39. The Pickwick Papers--and defied her not to roar!
    41. La, how fun! Elinor Dashwood in S&S71, Mrs. Gardiner in P&P95, Mrs. Badger in Bleak House.
    44. Was it Mrs. Timmins? Haha, I haven't seen much of Larkrise...
    45. Marguerite St. Just, of course! :)
    46. Renowned Actress. Heehee.
    48. Margaret (Meg), Josephine (Jo), Elizabeth (Beth) and Amy.
    50. Helen Burns.

    Looks I need to re-watch some period dramas! ;) But if I did happen to win a prize, I would like my name and a picture of Lorna Doone (from the 2000 version), if possible, although screencaps for that probably aren't too easy to find. If not, then... Amy Dorrit. Heehee. Have you seen Lorna Doone, by the bye? If you haven't, you should. :D


    1. William Price
    2. "what will be said?"
    3. To get his hair cut. Imperative business indeed.
    4. Um... stab in the dark... Arabella? Haven't seen this one yet...
    5. ?
    6. Twenty
    7. ?
    8. ?
    9. Mrs. Hamlet? :P
    10. ?
    11. Matthew Crawley
    12. One is Evie, I believe, but I don't know the others.
    13. ?
    14. Paris
    15. What was behind the black veil (but she didn't want Isabella to tell her!)
    16. The railroad
    17. Mary
    18. ?
    19. ?
    20. Ugh, I should know this...
    21. Milliner
    22. Four, I think-- didn't one die?
    23. Ten, little mother.
    24. GOOD GRIEF YOU ASK TOUGH QUESTIONS. (Um, that wasn't the name... just my remark.)
    25. Wood, presumably.
    26. ?
    27. her godfather
    28. Bessy Higgins
    29. Ooooh, I know this one... and now I've forgotten.
    30. ?
    31. The cake.
    32. Mr. weston
    33. Oranges
    34. ?
    35. Anne (or Nancy)
    36. A cotton mill
    37. Pug
    38. ?
    39. The Pickwick Papers, and defied her not to roar.
    40. ?
    41. Elinor in S&S, Mrs. Gardiner in P&P, Mrs. Bayham Badger in Bleak House
    42. ?
    43. Silas sounds right...
    44. ?
    45. Marguerite St. Just (though I have friends who would like to challenge that...)
    46. Actress
    47. ?
    48. Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy
    49. His brother
    50. Helen Burns

    Whew! I know a lot less about period drama than I thought I did... :D

  3. Oooh Lizzy, this is so exciting! I love playing your games and this one sounds lovely! :)
    I'll comment shortly with my answers.

    1. Hi Lizzy! I was just think I might not have mentioned it before but an Anne of Green Gables or Anne Of Avonlea button would be nice. And it should probably say "Miss Laurie of OFC".

  4. Miss Dashwood,
    You have gotten 26 1/2 correct! Your guesses for 9, half of 12, 25, 43, and 49 were incorrect (but you were close on 49, but I need a name). I also need a name for 27. If you would like to try again on those and answer questions 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 18, 19, 20, 24, 26, 29, 30, 34, 38, 40, 42, 44, and 47. Yes, 24 was hard; I wouldn't blame you if you looked it up: not quite sure how I remember... ;-P

    You got 27 correct! (14 was just fine the way it was). You can still guess on 7 - 13, 18, 19, 20, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30, 34, 38, 40, 42, 43, 47, and 49. For 20, it was very briefly mentioned.

    Scores so far
    Melody -- 27
    Miss Dashwood -- 26.5

  5. Here's my answers:

    1. William Price
    2. "what will they say?"
    3. "To get his hair cut!?!?!" But also to buy a pianoforte for Jane Fairfax
    4. Mr. Gibson...oh, the Reverend! He married Arabella French. heehee
    5. By playing the organ she was replacing the choir.
    6. Not quite twenty-one?
    7. Oh dear, I can't remember that one.
    8. I've only seen a couple of the old Upstairs, Downstairs episodes so I can't remember.
    9. Gertrude.
    10. Is his name Patrick Crawley? or wait, did he have a father too? Though some people thought Lady Mary should inherit.
    11. Matthew Crawley
    12. Beatrice "Bea" and Evangeline "Evie"
    13. Not sure about that one, maybe Violet?
    14. The Scarlet Pimpernel! I mean, wasn't she from France?
    15. What was behind the black veil.
    16. A railway! Horrors!
    17. Mary after her mother but she was always been called Molly.
    18. Mr. Shiner, Dick Dewey and Parson Maybold
    19. Dick Dewey
    20. Oh dear, I always forget they had a sister who died. Can't remember.
    21. Milliner, dress and hat maker.
    22. Four. Elizabeth, Anne, Mary and a stillborn son.
    23. Eight? or maybe ten.
    24. Can't remember.
    25. "Something nasty!" But really she can't quite remember what it was she did see.
    26. It was a girl I think. Annie?
    27. Colonel Osborne?
    28. Bessy Higgins
    29. Southerton
    30. Mr. Preston...can't remember the character's real name.
    31. The cake.
    32. Mr. Weston
    33. Oranges.
    34. Oh dear! It's been far too long since I've seen that I guess.
    35. Anne Steele "Nancy"
    36. A cotton mill.
    37. Pug.
    38. Hmm...honestly can't remember, all I'm coming up with is Pilot but I know that's the dog in Jane Eyre.
    39. The Pickwick Papers. "I defy you not to roar!" :)
    40. Daisy
    41. Mrs. Gardiner in P&P 1995, Elinor Dashwood in 1970's S&S, Mrs. Badger in Bleak House
    42. York? Not really sure, I've only seen a couple episodes and didn't read you review. :(
    43. Job Gregson
    44. Emma Timmins
    45. Marguerite St. Just
    46. Actress
    47. Only seen that once, can't remember.
    48. Margaret "Meg", Josephine "Jo", Elizabeth "Beth" and Amy March.
    49. Joe Gargery
    50. Helen Burns

    That was such fun!
    If I was fortunate to win something I'd want my button to say: Miss Laurie of OFC
    I don't really care about the character but the He Knew He Was Right questions were fun so what about a button featuring Rev. Gibson (with or without his wife is fine). :)

  6. Once again I feel glad that I play these games to just have fun...because I usually mostly flop. ;) But hey, I have an awesome time. Here goes!

    3. To get a haircut! Supposedly. Or to order a piano.

    6. 20, perhaps?

    14. Scarlet Pimpernel. Heart that movie and book!

    16 -- no answer here, but I'm reading and enjoying Cranford at present. No Dr. Harrison...who I had the impression was a big character from blog reviews! Interesting. And I'm 85% done!

    19. That nice little farmer boy...

    23. 10? 12?

    28. Bessy Higgins.

    31. Cake. :)

    32. Mr. Weston.

    35. Anne.

    36. Cotton.

    45. Marguerite, of course! :)

    46. An actress.

    48. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy.

    49. Joe, a blacksmith.


  7. Hmm... I haven't read/watched some of these in a while and others I'm not familiar with at all, but I'll do my best. :)

    1. I want to say James...

    2. What will they say? Not sure on this one...

    3. To get his hair cut. Imperative business, indeed.

    6. 20

    14. Paris

    20. Fanny

    21. Hat maker... I can't recall the technical term. :)

    22. I'm not a whiz on Persuasion, but I want to say 4.

    23. Oh! These are tough questions! 6?

    28. Bessie Higgins

    31. Cake! :D

    32. Mr. Weston

    33. I've never read Cranford, but I would guess they're eating oranges.

    35. Anne ("It just popt out!")

    36. Cotton

    39. A wooden coal shovel

    43. Joe Gregson

    45. Marguerite St. Just

    46. Actress (and the most beautiful actress in Paris, sink me!)

    48. Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy

  8. Miss Laurie,
    You got 40 questions correct! Your second guess on 23 was correct. The questions you got wrong are 10 (but you were on the right track with the comment afterwards), 30 (but right actor *Wives and Daughters reference*), 38, and 42 (I recommend it, but there are some scenes/themes in there to be aware of). You can also answer in addition to the ones you got wrong 7, 8, 20, 24, 34, and 47.

    You got 12 questions correct! The first answer you gave in 23 was correct. If you want to provide a name for 19, I'll give you credit. You can also answer 1, 2, 4, 5, 7 - 18, 20 - 22, 24 - 27, 29, 33, 34, 37 - 44, 47, and 50.

    Kiri Liz,
    You got 16 correct! You got 1, 23, 39, and 43 wrong. You can reanswer those and also answer 4, 5, 7 - 13, 15 - 19, 24 - 27, 29, 30, 34, 37, 38, 40 - 42, 44, 47, 49, and 50.

    Scores so far
    Miss Laurie -- 40
    Melody -- 27
    Miss Dashwood -- 26.5
    Kiri Liz -- 16
    Charity -- 12

  9. Bessy! That's what it was. Bessy Higgins, right? (For 29. Heehee.)

  10. Melody,
    I think your question is off by one. I think you mean 28? :-)

  11. HAHAHA. I did indeed. ;) Oopsie. Did I say 29 or 27? If the former it was probably because that was one of the other numbers I'd written down to come back to (although I doubt I'm going to remember it), and if 27 I daresay that was in my mind because that's how many points I have. Haha.

    Thank you! :)

    1. Then you did get the question right! :-D Your score is now 28.

      Scores so far
      Miss Laurie -- 40
      Melody -- 28
      Miss Dashwood -- 26.5
      Kiri Liz -- 16
      Charity -- 12

  12. 1. William
    2. Get a hair cut
    6. eighteen
    11. Matthew
    12. Josephine
    16. A railroad
    21. Millinery shop owner and "secretary" for Lady Ludlow
    23. Eighteen ?
    24. Bessy
    30. Sir Richard Carlisle ?
    31. Cake
    32. Mr. Weston
    33. Oranges
    35. Anne
    36. Cotton mill
    37. Pug
    41. "Amazing Grace", "Bleak House", and "Pride and Prejudice" (1995).
    44. Emma Timmens
    48. Megan "Meg", Josephine "Jo", Beth, Amy
    49. Joe, his brother-in-law


  13. Be Thou My Vision/Johanna,
    You got 16 correct. The questions you got wrong were 2 (though I think you might have meant that answer for another question), 6, 23, 24, and 41 (I need the characters she played). You can reanswer those and answer 3 - 5, 7 - 10, 13 - 15, 17 - 20, 22, 25 - 29, 34, 38 - 40, 42, 43, 45 - 47, and 50 for additional points.

    Scores so far
    Miss Laurie -- 40
    Melody -- 28
    Miss Dashwood -- 26.5
    Kiri Liz -- 16
    Johanna -- 16
    Charity -- 12

  14. 1. William
    2. what will they think of me
    3. To get his hair cut.
    5. The choir
    6. Not yet one & twenty.
    11. Matthew Crawley
    12. Beatrice & Evangeline
    13. Josephine
    16. Railroad
    17. Mary
    18. Parson Maybold, Dick Dewey, & Mr. Shiner
    19. Dick Dewey
    20. Fanny
    21. Milliner
    22. Four
    26. Anne
    28. Bessy
    29. Sotherton
    30. Sir Richard Carlisle
    31. Cake
    32. Mr. Weston
    35. Anne
    36. Cotton mill
    37. Pug
    38. Isis
    39. Pickwick Papers
    40. Daisy
    41. Sense & Sensibility, War & Peace, & The Last of the Mohicans
    43. Job
    44. Emma Timmins
    45. Marguerite St. Just
    46. An actress
    47. Mercedes
    48. Margaret "Meg", Josephine "Jo", Elizabeth "Beth", & Amy
    49. Joe Gargery
    50. Helen Burns
    Sarah Grace

  15. Hello,
    I just wanted to see if you received my answers to the trivia?
    Sarah Grace

    1. Sarah Grace,
      Yes I did. I just need to grade it and post your score. I'll do that right now. :-)

  16. Sarah Grace,
    You got 35 correct! The one you got wrong was #2. You can reanswer that one and you may also answer 4, 7 - 10, 14, 15, 23-25, 27, 33, 34, and 42 for additional points.

    Scores so far
    Miss Laurie -- 40
    Sarah Grace -- 35
    Melody -- 28
    Miss Dashwood -- 26.5
    Kiri Liz -- 16
    Johanna -- 16
    Charity -- 12

  17. The challenge is now closed. Thank you for playing! I'll be revealing answers soon.


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