Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday: Movie Costume Highlight: Cranford - Period Drama Fashion Week

Today's Movie Costume Highlight is Cranford. 
What sticks out to me in Cranford is that there are a lot of references to fashion that you don't always see in Period Dramas, such as:

Mrs. Forrester Looking as Summer Muslins Direct from Paris
"From Paris!"
"Mrs Forrester!"
"Something has to be said! I am a woman of mild opinion, but I am sure we do not wish to be dressed as revolutionaries! Mr. Johnson would have very wild ideas since he was made mayor!"

Doctor Harrison and Doctor Morgan talking
"That's an eye-catching coat. 'Tis a cut-a-way, is it not?"
"A runaway, in fact. I had it made in London."
"I thought as much."
"Allow me to give you some advice."
"I'd be grateful for it."
"Buy a black coat. It need not be costly, you can order one from Johnson's, but black is the color of our profession. I wear black, the patients trust black. I don't doubt that Hippocrates wore black and a powdered half wig. Now, any questions?"
"Might I be excused the wig?"

Mrs. Forrester and Miss Pole on the lace
"Oh! I can see why you treasure it, Mrs. Forrester. This is the sort of lace that generally belongs to ladies of great rank."
"It is from abroad and was worked by nuns. An order where they do not speak so much concentrate the better."

These are just a few references to current fashions in Cranford. In most period dramas, you may get a couple of references to current fashions, but Cranford really makes it a point of the fashions in the stores.

Well, enough of that.

In Cranford, you don't get to see many ball gowns like in other period dramas, but the costuming is still good nevertheless. Many of the main characters are older ladies, and therefore have caps on their heads at all times.

These are only a few of the ladies that wear caps on their heads. The caps are worn by a variety of characters: married, widowed, and spinsters. There are some examples of mourning caps (Mrs. Jamieson is said to wear one and Miss Matty gets one after Mr. Holbrook dies though she has never been married).

The younger ladies do not have caps and are dressed lighter in color than the older ladies.

The dresses of the younger ladies are a bit more colorful, but still similar to the older ladies's dresses. They follow the same fashion trends, but use fabrics a little bit differently. They also do not wear the caps that the older ladies wear.

So that is my movie highlight for the day. Have you seen Cranford? What were some of your favorite costumes?

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I love Cranford, and especially love Mary and Sophie's dresses:-)

  2. I really love the costumes of Cranford, they were so well made and really befitted all the characters!


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