Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday: Movie Costume Highlight - Daniel Deronda - Period Drama Fashion Week

Today's Movie Costume Highlight is Daniel Deronda.

Let me just say this before I go into the costume details: Daniel Deronda isn't my favorite period drama. The plot was okay at best, but nothing very great. The characters were okay at best, and some were a little annoying (I'm looking at you, Gwendolen!). However, the costuming for Daniel Deronda is great! If I were to rewatch this period drama (which is probably unlikely), I would probably be watching it for the costumes. Okay, saying that, let's go on with the Movie Costume Highlight.

The book Daniel Deronda takes place sometime in the 1860s, but the miniseries takes place in the 1870s. So, instead of using crinolines for the costumes, bustles were used instead. Now, normally for a period drama, if they get the fashion wrong for the era (like use older or later fashions than it's supposed to be), I get annoyed, but since the miniseries states that it takes place in the 1870s, I'm not irritated at it.

Now, I said that the character, Gwendolen Harleth irritated me, but she has some great fashion sense! Her cream/red archery dress is one of my favorite dresses in the entire miniseries. The jacket goes very well with the red contrasting color, and the hat is perfect for the dress!

You can see with the red archery dress that there is a small bustle in the back of her dress.

Now, I tend to not be the biggest fan of riding habits, but Gwendolen has a very nice riding habit.

Now, we come to the point where I didn't like a dress of her's. This purple dress. I felt like the color of the dress didn't flatter her well.
This shade of purple was not her color!

Plus, the skirt cloth doesn't match the bodice fabric? At least from this picture, it doesn't appear to match...

Besides Gwendolen, the rest of the female cast does have some nice dresses. However, the weakest dresses belonged to the character Mirah Lapidoth. But since she was poorer, it's understandable why she doesn't have fancy dresses.
But while Mirah doesn't have the best clothes, her personality is very nice and much less annoying than Gwendolen's. But as far as costuming goes, Mirah's dresses weren't very much. 

So that is my movie highlight for the day. Have you seen Daniel Deronda? What were some of your favorite costumes?

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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  1. I thought that was probably the most beautiful show I've ever seen. The plot is cliche, of course, but I hardly noticed that, I was so captivated by the amazing dresses.

    There's something about shows that are made in the modern day, but set in the Victorian period. Nothing can quite compare. Our cameras are better than they've ever been, and everything is so bright and colorful and romantic. I have my doubt about exactly how authentic the show is, but I can say this: It is gorgeous.


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