Friday, July 27, 2012

Introducing the New Layout!

Here it is! Elegance of Fashion's third and newest layout! My last layout had a good run, but I believe this layout will serve me well. Well, now to introduce different aspects of my new layout.

The background is still the same (let's face it, I'm a fan of the color blue!), but the header banner is new! The background is Downton Abbey with various heroines from different period dramas. I also did a little effect so that the edges fade out.

Reviews Button
If you recall, I had a review button at the left side bar. I merely changed the picture. Clicking the picture will take you to the Review Index. I also provided a link to the reviews label if you would prefer to look at reviews that way.

Suggest a Reader Question Button
Recently I've been encouraging blog readers to submit questions for me to answer in a detailed post. But unless I post a link to the rules of submitting questions, readers would have to go through more posts than they should to get to that post. So, to make things easier and to help encourage reader questions, I've placed a button up on the side bar. I also have a link there to the Reader Questions Label so you can see what questions I have answered already. Go try it out and submit a good question for me to answer!

I would post polls occasionally in the past, but they were mostly the same; favorite this and favorite that. Then after a while, I stopped posting regular polls (except tournaments). So, I'm going to bring back more regular polls that offer more of a variety of voting (but who says I'm going to dump favorite polls? Not me, surely!). What will the new polls be? Well, wait until Monday to find out!

Labels Moved
I've noticed that there were a lot of labels that I used over the nearly two years of Elegance of Fashion. I had them at the side bar in a list. Unfortunately, the list got so big that it contributed to the messy layout. So, I removed it from the side bar. But don't worry! You can still find the labels in cloud form at the bottom of the page.

Blog Archive Changed
I changed the Blog Archive Gadget to a drop down list. The way it was before made the layout run on and on when I posted a lot. This will solve that problem! I also placed the Blog Archive under the Notable Links List (I'll explain it below what that Notable Links List is)

Notable Posts List of Links
There were a couple of posts that I was using as pages since Blogger only allows you to have ten pages. (sure, I've only used up nine pages, but I want to save that last page... just in case.) Since the posts were small things, I didn't create a graphic for them like for Reviews, Reader Questions, and Polls, but rather just put them into a list. You can find this list under the pages.

Where did the Awards Go?
I removed the awards that I received from the bottom of the page. Where did they go? I put them in a new post (kind of like what I mentioned above) The link to this post is in the Notable Posts List.

And The Pride and Prejudice Wardrobe?
Wow, I hadn't added to that in a while! Same thing as the Awards: in the Notable Posts List.

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Love it -love all of it- even more than the previous layout!! Most excessively diverting and quite charming, if I may be so bold to say!! ;)

    ~ Beth Grace

  2. Lovely new layout, Miss Elizabeth Bennet! I always love coming and visiting your beautiful blog. :)

    ~ Miss Elizabeth

  3. I like it!! The new header is very pretty!! :D

  4. I love your new blog header! Quite lovely!

  5. Your new header looks fantastic!! I love it=)

  6. Love the new layout, especially your new header! :)

  7. Oh, the new Layout is so lovely! You always make such lovely banners, buttons, etc...

    My favorite images on the Banner - are the ladies from P&P and Amazing Grace! Beautifully done!

  8. Thank you so much everyone! I'm glad that you all like this new layout so much! :-)

  9. Yes, your new layout is wonderful! I love the new header.

  10. I really love your new banner! The pictures you choose are all very lovely and the colouring is great


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