Friday, May 25, 2012

Won a Couple of Awards!

I've been a little behind on this, but I've won two awards recently, so I'm going to cover both of them in one post.

My first award came to me from Somersaulting Through Life -- The Kreativ Blogger Award. Thanks for the award!

Now, I have to say 10 random things about myself:

  1. I've recently upgraded parts of my computer. My brother helped me add more memory chips to the computer, but I replaced the CD Drive and Graphics Card all by myself! :-D
  2. I've been thinking about changing my layout (nothing official yet, just merely thinking about it).
  3. I've got a couple of sewing projects that I'm planning out/working on. And now that I'm on summer break, I'll be able to work on them!
  4. Recently, I've grown a fondness of cameo necklaces.
  5. Over the summer, I'll be guest posting on other blogs.
  6. I'm also planning some events over at this blog.
  7. After taking a couple of programming classes, I can program (though not extremely complicated stuff, but complex programs) in three programming languages (not counting HTML).
  8. I've been drinking a lot of tea lately.
  9. I believe that a new Austen adaptation is long over-due (I vote for Mansfield Park! And make it good!)
  10. After doing so many 10 random things posts, it's becoming more difficult to say 10 new random things    :-p
And now (at least) 6 Nominations:

I also received the "Your blog is great!" award from Miss Woodhouse at Elinor, Elizabeth, and Emma.

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  • Choose 5 blogs to receive the award.
  • Let them know you awarded them.

And now 5 Blogs:

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


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