Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Letter #2: Period Drama Advice Event

The second letter has now come in! This week's letter is from a Mr. Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility).

Dear Period Drama Advice Column,
Mr. Ferrars is perplexed.
I find myself in a predicament. Four years ago, I became secretly engaged to a woman named Lucy Steele, the niece of my tutor in Exeter. I thought myself in love, but it was a foolish, idle inclination on my side. I have recently met my sister's sister-in-law, Elinor, and I like her a great deal. I find myself in love with her, but I cannot break my commitment to Lucy. If I were free, I would tell her that my heart is and always will be hers. Her friendship has been the most important of my life. My mother also wants me to marry the rich Miss Morton with 50,000 pounds: all I want, all I've ever wanted is the quiet of a private life, but my mother wants me distinguished. Do you think I am doing the right thing in keeping my promise to Lucy despite all of this?
Edward Ferrars

How would your character(s) respond to this letter? When you post your final letter to your blog, make sure you post the link to this post! 

There are still three buttons/banners up for grabs! Good Luck!

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I've written a letter - or rather Emma Woodhouse has. :)

    I hope you like it.

  2. I've got a response from Anne Shirley -

    * Edward Ferrars (Sense & Sensibility)

    * Anne Shirley (Anne of Green Gables)


  3. I have a response for Mr. Ferrars from a Mr. Edmund Sparkler.

    Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility)
    Edmund Sparkler (Little Dorrit)

    very fun!

  4. I wrote a letter from Mrs. Hyacinth Gibson--

  5. Apparently my comment didn't come through it is now. :)

    Mr. Edward Ferrar's letter, replied to by Mr. George Wickham! Enjoy. :)

    Thanks for hosting, Miss Elizabeth, and catching that my earlier comment didn't work! :P

  6. Edward's letter inspired three responses for me but I've only written two so far.

    Edward Ferrars (Sense and Sensibility)

    Harold Skimpole (Bleak House):

    Squire Hamley (Wives and Daughters):

    My responses are in the same post. I might post a third one if I'm able to get it together in time or I might save the character I'm thinking of for the next letter. In fact now I think about it this character would be best for a future advice letter. :)

  7. Aragorn responded to Mr. Ferrars. ;)

    I hope my letter sounds at least somewhat okay.

  8. I wrote a reply from Charlotte Lucas :)



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