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Tribute to First Period Drama Heroine Touranment Winner: Elizabeth Bennet

You first voted her the winner of the 1st Period Drama Heroine Tournament. Since Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice cannot compete in this tournament (and the next two), I have made a little tribute to her. This is a profile in much more detailed than the other profiles for this tournament.

Name: Elizabeth Bennet
Nicknames/Aliases: Lizzy, Eliza, Miss Eliza, Cousin Elizabeth, Miss Bennet, Miss Eliza Bennet, Miss Lizzy
Novel: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
Age: 20
Occupation: Gentleman's Daughter
Mrs. Bennet - Formerly Miss Gardiner, Mrs. Bennet is the mother of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty and Lydia, and the sister of Edward Gardiner. She is determined to get her daughters married to a rich man.
Mr. Bennet - Mr. Bennet is the father of Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Kitty, and Lydia, and the cousin of William Collins. Mr. Bennet retires from his silly wife and three youngest daughters by retiring to his library. Elizabeth is very close with her father.
Jane Bennet - Elizabeth's oldest and most beloved sister, Jane has a very sweet disposition. Rich Mr. Bingley falls in love with Jane, much to the dismay of his sisters and his friend Mr. Darcy.
Mary Bennet - Mary Bennet is the third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Not good looking, Mary devotes her time to playing the piano (though poorly) and excessively reading.
Catherine "Kitty" Bennet - Kitty is the fourth daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Closest with her sister, Lydia, Kitty spends a lot of time flirting with the local militia.
Lydia Bennet - Lydia is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. A determined flirt, Lydia and her sister Kitty spend much of their time looking for officers.
Fitzwilliam Darcy - Mr. Darcy did not make a good impression on Elizabeth: he said that she was only tolerable (wounding her pride), acted arrogant, and separated Jane from Mr. Bingley. Because of this, Elizabeth refused his first proposal. But Mr. Darcy improved himself since Elizabeth told him that he was arrogant, and they began to fall in love.
Charlotte Lucas - Charlotte is Elizabeth best friend outside of the family. At the beginning of Pride and Prejudice, she is 27 and unmarried. Charlotte is not romantic and only asks for a comfortable home from her husband.
Colonel Fitzwilliam - Mr. Darcy's personable cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam is the younger son of an Earl. Since he does not have a fortune, he has to marry wisely.
Georgiana Darcy - Mr. Darcy's shy sixteen year old sister, Georgiana is said to be extremely accomplished. She nearly eloped with George Wickham, but was talked out of it by her brother.
Mr. William Collins - Mr. Collins is Mr. Bennet's pompous cousin. He is a clergyman and is honored to have Lady Catherine de Bourgh as his patroness (so honored that he constantly mentions her name)
George Wickham - An officer in the militia, George Wickham grew up with Mr. Darcy. He claimed that Mr. Darcy robbed him of his inheritance.
Caroline Bingley - Mr. Bingley's younger sister, Caroline is unmarried and has her eyes set on Mr. Darcy. She attempts to put Elizabeth down in front of Mr. Darcy, but it always fails.
Mrs. Louisa Hurst - Mr. Bingley's older sister, Louisa Hurst is married to Mr. Hurst, who is not refined. Louisa and Caroline are almost always together.
Lady Catherine de Bourgh - Mr. Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam, and Georgiana Darcy's aunt, Lady Catherine is determined to see her daughter, Anne, married to Mr. Darcy.
 Good Points:
Intelligent, Witty, Clever, Assertive, Stands by her morals and beliefs
Judgmental, Stubborn
Elizabeth is the second oldest of the five daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. Since Mr. and Mrs. Bennet did not have any sons, their estate of Longbourn is entailed on Mr. Bennet's cousin, Mr. Collins, when Mr. Bennet dies. Because of the entail, Mrs. Bennet is determined to marry off her daughters to rich men, but Elizabeth is determined to marry someone she loves.

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Elizabeth Bennet is one of my favorite heriones.
    P.S.I like the pcitures you used:)

  2. =) =)

    I see that is 'story' rather than 'biography'. ;-)

    Nice post. I love Elizabeth; it's a pity she can't compete, but then it would be a pity if she did too, because then she might win again. Ha!

  3. The best version of P&P. :)


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