Sunday, November 6, 2011

Captions Anyone?

 I've seen a couple of blogs would have caption contests, so I thought I would give it a try here and see how it goes. Who knows: if it goes well, I may do this more often. I have two pictures here...

Picture #1

Picture #2

You can have a caption for one picture or both, but make sure you specify which picture you are captioning. And as always, keep it clean.

God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Picture #1: "Mr. Collins may be handsome, but I think he's very rude to wink at a strange girl."
    Hypocritical Mrs. Bennet, as always...

  2. Ideas
    Picture #2
    Mr Collins: "I am afraid, my dear ladies, that I must relieve you of my company."
    Elizabeth to Jane: "What a relief..."

  3. I'll add one:
    Picture 1
    Mrs. Bennet: I really need to stop eating those lemon heads...

  4. Picture #2:

    Mr. Collins: "And Lady Catherine de Bourgh...!"
    Lizzy: *Not again!*

  5. Picture #1:
    Mrs. Bennet: "Did Hill do my left curls right?"

  6. Picture 2
    "A blank piece of paper! My dear cousin Elizabeth, what a wonderful gift. I know what exactly Lady Catherine would say..."

    Good idea! Also, I remade my button. :)

  7. I normally don't do these--- but Pride and Prejudice captions? You betcha!

    Picture 1- Oh, and that awful Mr. Darcy! He rejected Lizzy, though I am quite sure I saw him wink at her! The nerve!

    Picture 2-
    Mr. Collins: You don't know, my dear ladies, how much you have such good taste in dress. I am sure Lady Catherine would say-
    Elizabeth: *sigh* Oh, yes, I know all too well what Lady Catherine would say.
    Mr. Collins: My dear cousin, your intelligence when it comes to these matters in unmatched!


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