Sunday, October 9, 2011

Northanger Abbey Comic Book In Production!

First, Pride and Prejudice was adapted to a comic, then Sense and Sensibility, then Emma (though I haven't read the Emma one yet). Now, Marvel Comics is adding Northanger Abbey to the list of Jane Austen novels adapted to a comic book!

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My concern is that they're not going to put enough of the satire that was in Jane Austen's novel in there. That was one of the issues with the 2007 movie: it looked like it was a movie adapted from a Gothic novel and not a movie adapted from a parody of Gothic novels (Don't get me wrong, I still liked the 2007 movie: it just had more issues than it should have).

It's kind of funny: Marvel is making Jane Austen Comics in the order that I have read them: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and now Northanger Abbey. If they go onto Persuasion next, they would have kept it in the exact same order that I have read Jane Austen books (though currently reading Mansfield Park, slowly but surely!)

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 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Ooh, I'm not sure I've heard of the comics and not sure I want someone to ruin Northanger Abbey as it is my favourite! Do you happen to know of any spinoffs from it by the way- I've never heard of any and I am intrigued at finding one!

    1. I was skeptical about the comics when they first came out, but I ready Pride and Prejudice when that was released in graphic novel format and I loved it, and Sense and Sensibility and Emma were equally well done, and I'm sure Northanger (though it hasn't been released yet will also be well adapted (at least I hope because it's my favorite too))as its being adapted by the same author who did the other three. I own all of them. They, like a movie adaptation have to leave some things out for the sake of the new format, but they are great for when you get a craving for Austen but don't have the time to read the full novel.

  2. Kezzie,
    I usually don't read the spin-offs of books, but I don't really recall seeing any spin-offs of Northanger Abbey (unless "Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons counts, but I don't like how they've done that to Jane Austen's novels ie. Pride and Prejudice and Zombies)

  3. You know - just read the book! Honestly, Jane Austen comic books? Really? So commercial - finding another way to make money on Jane's popularity. Well done movie adaptations is one thing - but this is beyond my kin. Or, perhaps I show my age here - learn to read - and then just read Jane! Increase your vocabulary, sharpen your wit. In a visual world where everything has to be seen and understood in a trice - I love how our older writers make your brain really work with their words.

    Am I rambling on a soapbox here?

    The big new, though, is the new Persuasion annotated book that is out - just picked mine up this weekend in hard cover - stunning! Huge and heavy, too. Can't wait to plunge into it!

    Miss Kathy

  4. The illustration samples I've seen look rather dark and creepy. I'm not fond of this type of comic illustration and rather saddened to see Jane Austen treated in this way. But hopefully it might introduce some young people to the world of Jane Austen.

  5. Kathryn Ross,
    I actually enjoyed the Jane Austen comics that I have read. I would still insist that reading the book is much better/preferred, but the comics were enjoyable. But I do see your point-of-view that people may read the comic and not read the book. Enjoy your new Persuasion book! :-)

    Miss Laurie,
    That's what concerns me that they'll make it really dark considering Northanger Abbey isn't a dark novel. I have noticed that with the Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility comic that the artwork is different inside than the outside (why I don't know), so I'm hoping that the cover art for Northanger Abbey will not necessarily reflect the inside art. I'll still probably get the Northanger Abbey comic and review it, though, just to see what it's like.

  6. Sorry to drop in on you out of the blue, but just to clarify, Northanger Abbey and Angels and Dragons is a part of my romantic fantasy-parody Supernatural Jane Austen Series, and very much unlike the zombies book...

    Here is a sample excerpt (first three chapters).

    And here is one of my interior illustrations for it ("The gentlemen and their walking-shovels"), to give you a visual flavor. :-)

    Just sayin'... :-)

  7. Vera Nazarian,
    Thank you for the clarifying that. Sorry about that.

  8. Miss Elizabeth Bennet,

    No problem! Just wanted to make sure people did not think that my books were in any way related to that series of zombie books. :-)


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