Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The Ultimate Book Bash Tag: Part 1

I'm going to be participating in Austenitis's The Ultimate Book Bash tag! Keep in mind as you read through my questions that I'm not a great reader (sound familiar?), so there isn't a great big list of books that I have read; sure, I've read some books for school (some of which were "modern", and thus I didn't care for them), but I have a very small list of books that I've read for pleasure. But I'm doing my best to answer the questions!

Name three books you love.
Pride and Prejudice - I love the story, I can relate so much to Elizabeth Bennet, and it's also funny!
Sense and Sensibility - I love that there's a good moral to the story and that it shows the downside of relying on your emotions to make decisions.
Northanger Abbey - I really enjoyed it. It was entertaining, the characters were likable (not all of them, though ;) ), and it held my interest.

Name two books you enjoy, but that most people probably haven't heard of.

I don't think too many people who aren't familiar with Jane Austen know of Northanger Abbey... and probably Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens (at least, I hadn't heard of it until a couple of years ago), though I've only read a little bit of it (really enjoyed it, though)

Name three series you love.
None at the moment.

Name three authors you love!
Jane Austen -- Probably the author that I know the most about. I've read almost all of her books (I'm currently reading Mansfield Park, once I finish that I would have read all her books).

The next two I'm basing off the period dramas that I have seen, but I may read the books eventually. So I guess this part will be the authors that I am most interested in reading.
Elizabeth Gaskell -- I really enjoyed watching Cranford and I liked Wives and Daughters.
Charles Dickens -- Really enjoyed Little Dorrit and have heard good things about A Tale of Two Cities.

How about three adventures or mysteries?
Hadn't really read any... Unless Jurassic Park (which for a while, I didn't know it was a book) counts as an adventure story?

Three non-fiction?
Hadn't read any that I can think of now...

Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys? Which book in your favorite set is your favorite?
Never seriously read either of them... There was one Nancy Drew that I read part of, but I wasn't too interested in it; I can't recall what it was. I think both series were written by the same person (different pen names, though); correct me if I'm wrong.

Narnia or Harry Potter? Name your favorite from the series you like best.
Narnia, but I've never read any of the books, but I've seen the first two movies. I liked the Christian themes in there. Never read/seen Harry Potter nor do I have an interest to.

A cookbook or a how-to-sew book?
Probably how-to-sew books, since I do more sewing than cooking (though I like both). My brother got me a sewing book for Christmas that has techniques and projects in there. It's a very good book!

Historical fiction or fantasy? Name three books you like from the genre you chose.Never read any.

Hardcover or softcover?
Hardcover... though it is more expensive, hardcover books I find look nicer and keep nicer longer. With softcover books, the spine of the book gets pretty worn out quickly after being opened so many times.

Future parts coming soon!

God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed your answers. :)

    I feel the same about Harry Potter. :P

  2. Since you asked us to correct you about the Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys author, I will just mention that the idea for the series was made up by the same person, I think, but other people wrote the books. Nancy Drew, at least, was written by several different authors.

    Oh, and I agree with you and Charity about Harry Potter. Never read it, don't want to.

  3. Oh! There are a lot of good Charles Dickens movies! :)

    Yes, Maria Elisabeth is right about Nancy Drew. After the sucess of The Hardy Boys, the person who had the idea thought it would be good to make one for girls (I think it was that way 'round). They may have thought up the story lines for the original ones, but they were written by a number of ghost writers.


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