Sunday, August 14, 2011

Questionnaire on Jane Austen Week

I'd like to know what you all thought about Jane Austen Week so I can plan for upcoming events. If you have a few moments, please fill out these questions and comment the answers. Make sure your comments are constructive so I can work on improving the blog events. Thanks!

  1. How would you rate the difficulty of the Movie Scene game on a scale from 1 to 10?
  2. What kind of other event games would you be interested in instead of the movie scene game? If I had a trivia game for future events, what kinds of questions should I include?
  3. Which Jane Austen Week posts did you like the best? Which ones were not as much of a favorite?
  4. Did you like the Jane Austen Advice Column game? Would you be interested in another similar game/event?
  5. What did you think about the blog questions? Too many questions? Too short? Would an opportunity for other blogger's suggestions be a good idea?
  6. What other things could I include to get other bloggers to join in the fun of an event/blog party?
  7. For the buttons, were they too big? Should I offer a variety of button sizes next time?
  8. Overall, did you have fun with Jane Austen Week?

Thanks for filling out the questions. I really appreciate it!

God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. I was just typing my feedback when the internet crashed on me. I'll just have to quickly type it down again.

    1. I would rate is at around 7. Since I haven't seen some of the movies, I found it hard to guess.
    2. A trivia would be great! But the kinds of questions will depend on what the trivia is all about.
    3. I liked the quotes, the dresses post, Jane Austen's "looks", the advice column, the question posts, of course. I wasn't able to view the videos in the dance post because I lacked time, though.
    4. I didn't join this, but I enjoyed reading what the other bloggers wrote. Something similar would be nice.
    5. I loved the questions! They were just the right amount.
    6. You can add more activities and posts...make them diverse in some way. You can even host a giveaway that's themed to the blog event/party.
    7. The buttons were too big, I'm afraid. Not everyone has a blog layout that can accommodate them. Maybe you can re-size it to something smaller next time.
    8. Most definitely!

  2. 1. I would rate 7 because it was probably tricky for a lot of people. I had some momentary difficulty but I've spent so much time watching Jane Austen adaptations and working with screencaps that I recognized most of them right away.
    2. The movie scene game was a lot of fun so I'm not sure why more people didn't play. I've also seen others do photos of cravats, hats or bonnets from the various adaptations and readers guess which film they're from. Trivia games featuring questions from the books are always fun. Also trivia from the films could be interesting (such as actors, script writers, things not in the books). Or what about a post that let's readers vote for their favorite actors in the roles?
    3. The quotes post for me was a bit much because it was a lot to read through all in one dose, I think it needed more of a focus maybe on a topic (like quotes about love, marriage, reading, clothes, writing in Jane Austen). I had so many favorites! The Movie Scene game, the Jane Austen Advice Column, and the questions gave readers something to do and the Dance scenes, Dresses and What did Jane Austen look like were very interesting to read and comment on.
    4. I would be very interested in more Jane Austen Advice Column posts because they are fun to read and write! It could be fun if there were letters asking for advice already written and then bloggers could just answer in the JA character of their choice. Or have one post to collect "Advice Wanted" letters and then another post where we can answer them.
    5. The blog questions were a lot of fun to answer and including photos was also great. There was a good amount of questions, enough to keep us busy working on them all week. Giving bloggers an opportunity to suggest questions would be neat, and could come up with some interesting ideas.
    6. What about Jane Austen sequels - pick a minor character from one of the books and allow bloggers to discuss what might happen to that character after the story ends (example: who do Kitty & Mary from P&P marry? what happens to James Morland after Isabella Thorpe rejects him?) Posts that include polls and voting for favorites are always fun. What about novel crossover discussion like "Which Austen heroines would be friends?"
    Or what about "which country house would you like to visit?"
    7. A variety of different sized buttons would be great! I liked using the rectangle size at the start of my question posts but something smaller to put on our sidebars would be nice. Or I would even like a long thin banner to put at the top of my blog under my header. Also, it would be nice if the event posts were linked together so that it's easier to navigate. A few times this week I had some difficulty finding older posts.
    8. The Jane Austen Week was so much fun! It's great to be able to discuss Miss Austen and her works with other fabulous bloggers! I would definitely participate in another event like this!

    ~Miss Laurie :)

  3. 1. Well, since they were all ones I've seen, I'd say about 3. ;-)
    2. I loved the movie scene game! But trivia is fun. I don't know what the event would be about, but I'll use JA as an example: I'd probably do 2-5 questions from each novel, maybe including some things like "How many movies are there of Pride and Prejudice? (Based solely on the novel, not spin-offs)" and a few about the author/her life.
    A poll might be fun too.
    3. I liked the ones we could participate in the best, but the other ones were fun too. More than one post in a day might be nice.
    4. I loved it! It's right up the alley of things I like to do. haha
    5. I think it was a good amount of questions. It's fun to have suggestions, but that can get a little tedious I think if a lot of poeple are suggesting things. Maybe you could do a poll to let people select their favorites (like, pick your favorite 10), but then if there's a question you really liked you could stick in in just 'cause you can. haha ;-)
    6. One thing I think might be fun is to have a few bloggers work on a post with you ahead of time so then you could have a few half guest-blogger posts (kind of like when you and I did the S&S comparisons, only something less complicated); and then they could put it on their blog as well, with a link to the JA week.
    Or you could assign characters to different bloggers, and they could write a tribute for the character; maybe pretending to be them and introducing themselves?
    7. I think a variety would be great!! I noticed a lot of people put them on their sidebars, and so there could be a sidebar size and a regular size. :)
    8. Yes!! =D

    Sorry if that's confusing - I was in a hurry.

  4. 1. Umm...maybe an 8?

    2. Trivia would be fun, provided it was stuff I was familiar with. ;) Other games...well, tags aren't really games, but it might be fun to have a larger one? I don't know.

    3. I really loved all the posts! I greatly enjoyed the Jane Austen Advice Column, both writing my own and reading others. The tag was awesome. The "What Did Jane Look Like" post didn't interest me as much as some others. I found the dresses one and the dancing one both very very fun. The wrap up post was also cool.

    4. Yes! I loved it! I would participate if I could come up with an idea. It would all depend on that. :)

    5. I loved the blog questions/tag. I'd say, add more! But I really enjoy tags, so. Definitely not too many, IMHO. Yes, asking for ideas might be good. I don't know.

    6. Giveaways. They always attract more people. Otherwise, I'd say keep going with what you're doing!

    7. Smaller buttons would probably fit better on side-bars. But I don't think it's a must. Larger ones are good for posts, and/or tops of posts.

    8. YES! Totally! It was wonderful.

    See, I warned you I liked answering questions.

  5. Hmm...let's see...

    1 - on a scale of one to ten...probably a 4.

    2 - oooh! I agree with Jemimah ^ mostly about this...maybe you can give us an example.

    3 - I loved the question posts! :)

    4 - Yes!! I didn't have time to submit my entry for the Advice Column, so...would love to do that in the future sometime ;)

    5 - I thought the questions were great!! Maybe a little too short, actually. :) I would've loved more! And yes!! Give blogger's the opportunity to suggest. ;)

    6 - I think a giveaway, that is themed with the blog event, would be fantastic!! I could help you with that, by the way ;)

    7 - I think the buttons *were* to big, to be honest. I think they should be smaller in the future events.

    8 - YES! I had a blast :)

    Thanks so much for hosting it!

    ~Miss Raquel

  6. 1: 9, I looked at the post and decided I wouldn't even attempt it. It looked like a lot of fun, though, and if I was more familiar with the movies I would haveloved to do it.
    2: For the trivia quiz, questions like the Persuasion quiz done by Old-Fashioned Charm would be very nice. And I also think that a finish the quote game would be a lot of fun.
    3: I really liked the post on what Jane Austen looked like, and the random quotes, but all of the posts were nice.
    4: I loved this game! It seems very similar to the Lady Catherine & Co. board at I would love it if you would include this game in another event!
    5: The blog questions were a lot of fun to do, but I noticed that a lot of us have very similar answers. Something not having to do so much with main characters would be nice, and asking questions that people won't have too predictable answers. I mean, who doesn't like Elizabeth Bennet and who isn't annoyed by Mrs. Elton?
    6: Maybe make the event longer than a week, because it's a little hard to cram all the posts into such a short amount of time. And honestly, the more blog events you have the more people will come for the next one. (If that makes any sense.....)
    7: The buttons were perfect for at the top of posts and (to answer question 6)some sidebar sized buttons would be a good way to get the word out.
    8: Lots of fun! Do another blog event soon, please.

  7. 1. Unfortunatley I didn't play it :(. I really wanted to but I didn't have the time on the day and then I'll admit I forgot to go back and do it :(

    2. I think a quiz/trivia would be fun

    3. I read and enjoyed all of them. I liked the one about the quotes and the Jane Austen Advice Column a lot too.

    4. Yes I loved it. It was great because everyone was able to participate and it was so great reading other peoples responses to it- and of course writing my own.

    5. I thought the amount of questions was perfect and I think an opportunity for other blogger's suggestions would be great.

    6. I'm not to sure, I think what you did was great.

    7. I variety of buttons would be very nice.

    8. I had heaps of fun.


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