Thursday, August 25, 2011

Period Drama Week Tag Questions

In case you haven't been over to the Period Drama Week Page yet, I have a question tag with fifteen questions. I've put together 10 questions, but I need your help to get the last five. If you have a suggestion for a question to add to the tag, leave a comment with your question. Make sure you suggest the question before August 30th. I'll pick the five best questions (and I'll give you credit!).

1. How did you get into period dramas?
2. What is it that you like about period dramas?
3. Do you usually read a book and then watch the adaptation or do you watch the adaptation and then read the book?
4. What are your top three period dramas and why?
5. From those three period dramas that you picked, who are your favorite characters in each one?
6. Which author do you like the adaptations of their works best?
7. Which period drama characters are the funniest to you (Keep it under three)?
8. Which period drama characters are the most annoying (Keep it under three)?
9. Which period drama characters are in your top three?
10. When you watch period dramas, what is it that you pay the closest attention to (ie. costuming, scenery, etc.)?

You can start working on the questions, but make sure you don't post them before Period Drama Week. Post your answers on your blog between September 4 through the 10th.

I look forward to your suggestions!

 God Bless,
 God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. How about:
    "What is your favorite time era for Period Dramas to be set in, costume-wise?"

    And I also thought about a similar question to Miss Laurie's one about soundtracks, but she has that covered. hehe ;-)

  2. And perhaps
    "If you could play any part in a Period Drama, who would that character be?" Or maybe to make it easier, 3 top characters you would want to play. :)

  3. I thought of some! At first, you see, I was certain I'd be unable to, but ta-da!

    "Which period-drama hero would you get along best with?"

    "Which period-drama couple is the sweetest?"

    (those may be too people centered, I don't know)

    "Which period drama have you seen most?"

    "What is the longest pd you've seen?"

    "What was your first pd to see?"

    "What is your favorite pd soundtrack?"

    Yup, once my mind started turning, it flew. :)

  4. I'd also ask
    1. What is your favourite happy ending in a period drama?

    2. What's the most romantic scene you've seen in a period drama?

    3. Who are your favourite actors/actresses from period drama?


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