Friday, August 12, 2011

My Jane Austen Week Questions: Part 3

Here's the conclusion of my Jane Austen Week Questions. I'm going to start looking out for quotes from your questions to put into my final blog post of Jane Austen Week, so keep an eye out for comments from me!

8. Jane Austen Sequels... Do you like them or not?
I've personally never read one all the way through (The closest that I've come to reading one was that I've flipped through one a little -- I forgot what it was called, but it was a Pride and Prejudice continuation written in letters). Personally, I'm not a big fan of sequels. If it was Jane Austen that wrote a sequel to one of her books, I would take an interest since it would be an official continuation, but obviously she never wrote a sequel to any of her books. I guess I wouldn't want to make a commitment into reading a sequel that I would be disappointed in because it doesn't live up to the original novel. But then again, I never read a Jane Austen sequel so all this is merely my speculation.

9. Do you have a favorite spot to keep all your Jane Austen "stuff"?
I have one shelf by my computer that has all my Jane Austen books (I have all the major novels except for Mansfield Park); my copies of Sense and Sensibility, Emma, Northanger Abbey, and Persuasion are all the Everyman's Library editions, while my Pride and Prejudice is the Modern Library edition (It has both Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle on it!). I also have my Jane Austen comics (which are actually interesting), and my copy of Jane Austen for Dummies also on my shelf. My Jane Austen DVDs I have around, not specifically in one spot (especially since I like to play them). I also have my Jane Austen action figure by my computer, providing inspiration for blog posts, no doubt ;-).  Here are some pictures!

My book shelf

My Jane Austen Books.

My copy of Jane Austen for Dummies and a very old book on Jane Austen. A couple years ago at school, the librarians were giving away old library books; one of them remembered that I was a fan of Jane Austen and said that there was a Jane Austen book in the pile somewhere. I looked and there it was! And it was free! (Can't beat that!)

My Jane Austen comics. My brother gave me the Pride and Prejudice one for Christmas a couple of years ago. The Sense and Sensibility one I found at Borders (which is going out of business :'( I'm going to miss it....).

I found the Jane Austen Illustrated Treasury book at Barnes and Noble: it has some neat little things that you can take out (like copies of her letters, miniature pictures of the portraits that Cassandra Austen painted of Jane, etc.). My only problem with it is that it says little stuff that is kind of mature (and unnecessary to mention too), but there is some interesting stuff in there. The Pride and Prejudice paper dolls I found at a museum and absolutely had to buy them!

Ahhh! It turned out too dark! Oh well... This is my Jane Austen action figure.

10. Which Jane Austen character do you think you're most like?
I'm probably most like Elizabeth Bennet. We both have a very similar sense of humor, have very strong opinions, and aren't afraid to stand up for what we believe. One of the reasons that I like Pride and Prejudice so much is that I could easily relate to Lizzy: I never related to a character in a book so much before I read Pride and Prejudice. I usually end up as Lizzy for quizzes.

11. What was your introduction to Jane Austen?
My mom actually introduced me to Jane Austen. She had seen the 1995 miniseries to Pride and Prejudice so when I mentioned to her that I was supposed to read it for English eventually for school (I actually ended up reading it a year before I had to), she started to tell me about it. It sounded interesting, so one day I got to watch part of it. Things got a little busy (like things usually do), so it was awhile before I finally got to watch the whole thing. We happened to see it was on Masterpiece Theater, so for a couple of week, we watched the whole thing... and I've been hooked ever since!

God Bless,  God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet


  1. Love the pictures! Those paper dolls are awesome...I own them too. :)

    I've heard of the Jane Austen for Dummies it good? What's it like?

  2. Charity,
    Jane Austen for Dummies is an interesting book. It has some information on themes in Jane Austen's book, her life, and on Regency life. The only problem I have with it is that it has some mature information in there that doesn't have to be in there (not on Jane Austen). But I would say that it's good.

  3. i have the widget for discovering which JA character you are at the FHC blog if you'd like to give it a go..
    unsure of what you keep referring to as 'mature'? JA was mature so her writings will reflect her maturity.

    if you're understanding the austenesque books are not meant to be copies of jane, you will probably find some very enjoyable reads. lots of Fun or as Carrie Bebris writes, mysteries with darcy & lizzie as the mcs. good reads..

  4. You have some awesome Jane Austen "stuff" and the pictures you included were lovely.


  5. Ahh! You have so much JA stuff. :-)

    Enjoyed reading your answers! And I'm glad you added in #11 because I love reading how everyone got to know Jane Austen. =)


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