Wednesday, August 31, 2011

And the last bit of questions are...

Thank you to everyone who suggested questions for the Period Drama Week Tag. And I've increased the questions to 20. Of course, if you don't answer a couple, it's okay. Here are the questions I've selected!

11. Which period drama which you haven't seen yet do you most want to watch? (Suggested by Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm)
12. Which period drama has the prettiest soundtrack or background music? (Suggested by Miss Laurie from Old-Fashioned Charm)
13. Which period drama has your favourite screenplay/script? Why? (e.g if it is similar to the original text, if there is one, or if it has been improved in some ways) (Suggested by Abby from Newly Impassioned Soul)
14. Do you like having multiple versions of some period dramas? Do some period dramas need a newer version? Or are the older versions better? (Suggested by Abby from Newly Impassioned Soul)
15. "What is the longest period drama you've seen?" (Suggested by Charity U from Austenitis)
16. Who are your favourite actors/actresses from period drama? (Suggested by Maria Grazia from A friendly meeting place to read and discuss anything Austen...)
17. Do you prefer watching a regular-length movie or a more in-depth mini-series? Why?(Suggested by Melody from Regency Delight)
18. What period drama has one of your favorite actors/actresses in it?' (Suggested by Miss Raquel from God's Daughter)
19. Which heroine from which movie was your least favorite? Why? (Suggested by Jen Corkill)
20. Which three period dramas are your least favorite? (Okay, I added in that one, but it was inspired from Jen Corkill's suggestion)

There they are. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! Get working on those questions! Period Drama Week is right around the corner!

 God Bless,
God Bless, Miss Elizabeth Bennet

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  1. Here is my post for some of the questions


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